Allergic rash

аллергическая сыпь фото One of the main reasons for the appearance of a short-term itchy rash is any allergic reaction developed in the body. Skin manifestations of allergies in the form of rashes or spots can appear absolutely on any part of the human body, but most often observed in places of unduly close contact with the things or outer clothing. Most often, it is a reddish-pinkish convex, unevenly distributed rash during palpation, which causes a certain discomfort due to severe itching. Often, especially in children, an allergic rash is accompanied by very strong scratching.

Allergic rash develops due to contact with provoking allergens - substances that cause a protective allergic reaction of the body.

Appeared suddenly allergic rash on the face or on the body, is called hives, which manifests itself after contact with the allergen almost instantaneously and often passes without any treatment throughout the day. Eruptions usually have the appearance of light red swelling and can manifest themselves both on large areas of the skin surface, and localize on strictly delimited islets. It is from the appearance of the allergic rash that a decision is taken to provide emergency care and possible hospitalization. In case of very severe lesions on the skin, or an allergic rash is accompanied by other pathological changes in the patient's condition (shortness of breath, lowering of blood pressure, increased body temperature, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.), you should always consult a doctor.

аллергическая сыпь на лице фото An allergic rash on the face and body can lead to the development of such a very life-threatening condition as Quincke's edema, which externally usually looks like an ordinary subcutaneous swelling, usually begins with the skin of the cheeks or eyelids, gradually reaching the larynx and causing suffocation. No less serious complication of allergic rash is anaphylactic shock, which, if not provided with timely emergency care, often leads to death

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Allergic contact dermatitis is also one of the varieties of an allergic rash. It manifests itself exclusively in those areas of the skin that are directly in contact with the causative allergen. Most often, allergic contact dermatitis causes skin care products, decorative cosmetics, household chemicals, various metals, etc. A distinctive feature of contact dermatitis is that it usually does not appear immediately, but after a sufficiently long contact of the skin with the causative allergen. It starts skin itching, the place of contact with the allergen blushes, there are bubbles filled with liquid.

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An allergic rash can often be caused by food or allergens of the environment. Culprits of the development of allergies there is a huge amount and to accurately establish a specific causative allergen usually have to make maximum efforts. The most common allergy-provoking allergic rash: animal hair, house dust, food, pollen, washing powders, some metals and their compounds (nickel buckles, locks, buttons, etc.).

Food allergy, which is always accompanied by an allergic rash, is usually provoked by dyes, preservatives, crustaceans, chocolate, tomatoes, strawberries, eggs, fish, etc. Simply put, the development of allergies can result in absolutely any food product, perhaps except for table salt

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фото аллергической сыпи Allergic rash in children

Allergic rash in a child often occurs as a consequence of allergies to various medications. An important feature that makes it possible to distinguish allergic rashes from infectious is a fairly good general condition of the baby. Due to the constantly troubling itching, the child can certainly be irritated, but he does not have a fever, a decrease in appetite, no drowsiness.

What actions should be taken if the child has an allergic rash?

In the case of a baby's allergic rash, you need to make sure that he does not get distressed, he breathes freely and the body temperature remains within normal limits. After that, remember what new dishes were introduced into his diet in recent days or hours, what washing powder was used to wash his things, whether any medicines have been used recently. If before the baby was already inclined to develop allergic manifestations, it is necessary to minimize the skin of the child from contact with various chemicals and to minimize the use of children's creams, soaps and cosmetics. Soap should be used with a moisturizing neutral effect on the skin, and buy it only in the pharmacy.

In the event that all the efforts made did not lead to the desired positive result, necessarily on the recommendation of a doctor, you can use antihistamine creams or / and tablets.

To varying degrees, allergic manifestations are observed in about 60% of all children, therefore the primary task of all parents is to prevent further development of allergies, which in case of failure to carry out appropriate treatment is often transformed into such serious diseases as hay fever, asthmatic dermatitis and bronchial asthma

сыпь у ребенка фото Allergic rash - treatment

Treatment of an allergic rash is mandatory only by a qualified allergist, based on the results of the analyzes and studies. For treatment, corticosteroid and antihistamines, as well as ointments and creams for local itching and inflammation are usually used. It should be noted that the latest generation drugs for the treatment of allergic rashes, because of the lack of virtually all the side effects inherent in drugs of earlier years of production, are more safe and effective. Choose the means to treat allergic rash should be with extreme caution, since an allergic reaction often occurs on natural preparations.

Treatment of allergic rashes on the body is best started with testing the selected external medicine in a small area of ​​unaffected skin, and already in the absence of an allergic reaction, begin to apply on the affected area of ​​skin.

Treatment of allergic rash on the face, especially if it concerns contact dermatitis, should be carried out with the utmost care, because here the skin is more sensitive and more prone to traumatization, which can lead to residual traces, from which it will be very difficult to subsequently get rid of.

As a prevention of allergic rash, people prone to developing allergic reactions need to carry out preventive procedures (physical and breathing exercises, proper nutrition), lead a healthy lifestyle and always have with them a proven remedy for allergies , whose use in case of unforeseen acute development of an allergic reaction will weaken manifestations and give the necessary time to wait for emergency medical assistance.