All weeks of pregnancy

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We present to your attention the full calendar of pregnancy for weeks, in which all the weeks of pregnancy are described in great detail, from the moment of conception to the baby, and until the very birth. With the help of our calendar, you can easily monitor how your pregnancy goes on for weeks, learning in the slightest detail about all periods of fetal development. In addition, you can see the main signs of pregnancy, as well as emotional and hormonal reactions of your body.

Not all women learn about their pregnancy from the very moment of conception of the child, so for most of them, pregnancy becomes a real surprise. Below we present the most typical signs of pregnancy for this condition

The main signs of pregnancy

- Perhaps the most first and most distinctive sign of pregnancy are swollen, sensitive, inflamed nipples and breasts. The areas around the nipples darken and increase. This is due to an increase in the body of a woman's hormones

- The next most common symptom of pregnancy is fatigue, which is especially felt during the first eight to ten weeks. Most often in the second quarter of pregnancy, energy and strength return, but already in the third quarter of the feeling of fatigue returns

- Early pregnancy is often accompanied by convulsive manifestations and small uterine bleeding

- Many women in the second month of pregnancy have nausea and the following vomiting

- There is an increased sensitivity to various smells. Those flavors, which until recently gave pleasure, begin to cause dislike and disgust

- Can observe complete or partial loss of appetite. Just recently, adored food causes rejection

- In case the level of basal body temperature is increased during eighteen or more days, with a high degree of confidence it is possible to talk about pregnancy

- Lack of menstruation

- Increased urination

- Positive result of the pregnancy test