пролактинома гипофиза фото Prolactinoma is a neoplasm of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, which has all the signs of good quality and actively secreting prolactin. When prolactinoma occurs in males and females, there are significant distinctive features of clinical symptoms, in connection with which oncologists Read the full entry »

Antiphospholipid syndrome

антифосфолипидный синдром фото Antiphospholipid syndrome is a complex of clinical and laboratory disorders manifested by a tendency to increased thrombogenesis, thrombocytopenia and systemic hematologic disorders due to changes in the autoimmune nature.

The main category of risk for antiphospholipid syndrome Read the full entry »


гистиоцитоз фото Histiocytosis is a complex of pathological states and independent nosological forms, consisting in activation of the proliferative processes of histiocytes and accompanied by the development of specific granulomas in various structural units of the human body. Read the rest of this entry »


метгемоглобинемия фото Methemoglobinemia is an increased amount of hemoglobin containing oxidized iron in erythrocyte blood cells. Methemoglobin is one of the derivatives of hemoglobin, which, along with carboxyhemoglobin and sulfgemoglobin, is contained in the Read the full entry »


эозинофилия фото Eosinophilia is an increase in the relative or absolute value of the level of eosinophilic blood cells. Eosinophilia is regarded as a manifestation of various diseases and transient pathological conditions of the body and for its recognition a necessary condition is the conduct Read the full entry »

Mitral insufficiency

митральная недостаточность фото Mitral failure is one of the types of myocardial infarction, which is characterized by incomplete prolapse or closure of the valves of the left atrioventicular valve during systole. Reverse blood flow occurs with every ventricular contraction. The most common form of heart valve abnormalities is Read the full entry »

Mitral stenosis

митральный стеноз фото Mitral stenosis is an isthmic narrowing of the lumen of the atrioventricular aperture to the left, which exerts resistance to the blood flow to the left heart during the diastolic relaxation of the ventricles of the heart. Read the rest of this entry »


тимома фото Timoma is a type of tumor lesion with predominant localization in the thymus gland, which has a benign course and a tendency to malignancy. In connection with the peculiarity of localization of tumor lesion, this pathology in the oncology Read the full entry »