Psycho-organic syndrome

Психоорганический синдром The psycho-organic syndrome (organic psychosyndrome) is a mental disorder caused by organic brain damage, which is accompanied by a decrease in intellectual abilities, memory impairment and affect disorders. In the general clinical picture, the psycho-organic syndrome has its own specifics, this is a disturbance of the emotionally-strong-willed. Read the full post »

Affective insanity

Маниакально – депрессивный психоз Manic-depressive psychosis (circular psychosis, manic-depressive syndrome) is a disease characterized by the development of manic and depressive attacks. Between the attacks ("light intervals") the patient's mental condition is completely normalized. Read the rest of this entry »

Catatonic Syndromes

Кататонические синдромы Catatonic syndromes are psychopathological disorders, with a predominance of motor disorders in the form of stupor, excitation, or alternation, occurring in adults (up to 50 years) and in children. In most cases, these syndromes are observed in schizophrenia, but may also occur with organic or symptomatic psychosis. Read the rest of this entry »

Intoxication psychosis

Интоксикационные психозы Intoxication psychosis is a group of mental disorders that develop with chronic or acute poisoning by household chemical agents, food or industrial poisons, drugs, drugs. Intoxication psychoses are distinguished for protracted and acute Read the full post »


Навязчивые состояния Obsessive states are inadequate or absurd subjectively painful thoughts, fears, motivations, ideas and actions that arise in spite of, or in addition to the will of patients, while a significant part of people are clearly aware of their morbid nature and often try to resist them. Read the rest of this entry »

Hysterical Syndrome

истерический синдром Hysterical syndrome - reversible in nature violations that occur in conflicts and extreme situations, and are characterized by the diversity and variability of the symptoms, which often imitate manifestations of all kinds of somatic and neurological diseases (disorders of consciousness, paralysis, hyperkinesia, fainting, vivid imagery, etc.). Read the rest of this entry »

Amnestic (Korsakov) syndrome

Амнестический синдром Amnestic syndrome (amnesic confocal syndrome, Korsakov syndrome) is a symptom complex that combines a memory disorder with current events (fixative amnesia), a time orientation disorder, an environment, a place and the presence of false memories. This condition occurs when you read the entire entry »

Hallucinatory syndrome (hallucinosis)

галлюцинаторный синдром Hallucinatory syndrome (hallucinosis) - a serious mental disorder, in which during a fairly long period of time, there are abundant hallucinations that occur without disturbance of consciousness.

This syndrome occurs in vascular and organic diseases of the central nervous system, epilepsy, Read the full post »