диспепсия Dyspepsia is a digestive disorder, mostly of a functional nature, which occurs as a result of a poorly balanced diet (alimentary dyspepsia) or insufficient isolation of digestive enzymes (hepatogenic, gastrogenic, enterogenic, enzymatic, pancreatic dyspepsia). Read the rest of this entry »

Pyelitis. Treatment of pielit

пиелит Pielit - urological disease, which is characterized by inflammation of the renal pelvis. This disease can overtake a person at any age, but most often it occurs in children from six months. The most susceptible to the occurrence of pielita girls from two to five years. This is directly related to the characteristics of the structure of the genitourinary system of the female body. Read the rest of this entry »


Hydronephrosis гидронефроз1 (hydronephrosis transformation) is a progressive disease of the kidney, which is characterized by the expansion of its pelvis and calyxes, hypotrophy (thinning) of the kidney tissue, in connection with which all the basic functions of the kidney are violated. Hydronephrosis occurs as a result of a violation of the outflow of urine from the calyx and the renal pelvis and is accompanied by a violation of blood circulation in the tissues of the kidney. Most often, this disease occurs in women aged 25 to 35 years, as well as in childhood Read the full post »

Atopy (Atopic dermatitis)

атопия Atopy (atopic dermatitis) is a genetic predisposition to the production of immunoglobulin E by the body, which occurs in response to contact with various environmental allergens. This disease requires systematic treatment and has a chronic form Read the rest of this entry »

Alopecia (Alopecia)

алопеция Alopecia is a pathological exacerbation or a significant thinning of the scalp on the head of a person. To date, several types of alopecia are known: diffuse (fairly sharp hair thinning), traumatic, focal (hair is absent in a certain limited area), hereditary, cicatricial, total and androgenic. Read the rest of this entry »

Disease of Itenko-Cushing

Болезнь Иценко-Кушинга Disease of Itenko-Cushing is a severe, chronic disease of the brain, which is caused by the defeat of the hypothalamic-pituitary region. This disease can develop after craniocerebral trauma, neuroinfections, due to tumors of the hypophysis Read the full post »

Acne (Acne)

угревая болезнь Acne disease (Acne, acne) is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands of the skin and the hair follicles. Most often this disease affects parts of the body of a person with an increased content of sebaceous glands (chest, back, forearms and face).

Acne is a fairly common disease. Read the rest of this entry »

Conjunctivitis. Types and methods of treatment

Конъюнктивит Conjunctivitis is a common inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the eye. The second name of conjunctivitis is "rabbit eyes". Such a name is received for the redness of the eyelids. How many unpleasant moments brings us conjunctivitis! This disease can be caused by both an allergic and bacterial reaction or a viral infection. Read the rest of this entry »