цистит Cystitis is a fairly common disease of the mucous membrane of the bladder, occurring at any age. Most often, this disease occurs in the female, but it is susceptible to both men and children. In the majority of recorded cases, the cause of cystitis is any infection (streptococci, staphylococcus, E. coli, etc.). Read the rest of this entry »

Renal colic

почечная колика Renal colic is a cramping pain attack that occurs suddenly, without any predisposing symptoms and is directly related to impairment of urinary outflow from the kidney. In most cases, the attack is caused by the presence of stones in the ureter, pelvis or in the kidney itself. Read the rest of this entry »

Polycystic kidney disease

поликистоз почек Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease characterized by the formation and subsequent growth of cysts in the kidneys. This disease is often of a family nature, most often diagnosed in the age category from twenty to forty years, but can also read the entire entry »

Pyelonephritis symptoms treatment

пиелонефрит Pyelonephritis - an inflammatory disease of tubulointerstitial tissues of the kidneys and upper urinary tract, which has an infectious nature. In women, this disease occurs up to six times more often than men, due to the structural features of their body. However, in the elderly, there is a Read the full entry »


эзофагит Esophagitis is an inflammatory disease of the esophagus mucosa that occurs in a chronic or acute form. Inflammatory process with this disease develops on the inner (mucous) membrane of the esophagus, and in case of further progress it affects already deeper layers of it Read the full entry »

Carcinoid: symptoms and treatment of the disease

карциноид Carcinoid (neurocarcinoma, carcinoid syndrome, argentaffinoma) is a rare hormone-active tumor, which in its structure resembles a cancer. It belongs to the group as a hoop. In most cases, these tumors are benign, but with the ability to metastasize - often lead to very serious complications. Read the rest of this entry »


дуоденит Duodenitis - a fairly common inflammatory disease of the duodenum, which inflames its mucous membrane, followed by erosion and possible atrophy. This disease is predominantly affected by men. Duodenitis is divided into chronic and acute. Read the rest of this entry »


баугинит Bauhinitis is an inflammation of the bauginia valve (a valve located between the blind and ileum). This disease usually accompanies enteritis and colitis

Reasons for the occurrence Read the entire entry »