Gastrocardiac syndrome: causes and treatment

Гастрокардиальный синдром Gastrokardialny syndrome (syndrome Udena-Remkhelda) - the reflex response of the body to stimulation of the receptors of the esophagus, stomach or intestines. Occurs when the stomach is full (after eating), which irritates the mucous membrane of the cardiac section, reflexively connected with the heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Alimentary dystrophy: symptoms, treatment

алиментарная дистрофия Alimentary dystrophy (epidemic edema, protein-free edema, famine disease, military edema, famine edema, edematous disease) is a disease of prolonged malnutrition inadequate nutrition, which is manifested by dystrophic changes in organs and tissues in violation of their functions, progressive disorders of all metabolic processes, physical activity, cachexia, edema and general exhaustion Read the full post »

Gonorrhea: symptoms, course and treatment of the disease

гонорея Gonorrhea is a classic infectious disease that is transmitted sexually. Its causative agent is the gonococcus, which gets on the mucous membrane of the genital organs, begins to multiply quickly enough and causes inflammation. Читать запись полностью » Like the rest of the venereal diseases Read the rest of this entry »


блефароспазм Blepharospasm is a spastic symmetrical contraction of the circular eye muscles. Distinguish between tonic and clonic blepharospasm.

Tonic B. - spasm of the circular muscles of the eyes, accompanied by a steady squeeze, the duration of which can be several hours or several weeks; and is divided into the essential and the reflex. Read the rest of this entry »

Asthenopia (Eye fatigue syndrome)

астенопия Asthenopia or Eye fatigue syndrome is a fairly fast oncoming eye fatigue during visual work, especially if the observed object is at a very small distance from the eye. This disease is divided into: astenopia muscular and astenopy accommodative Read the full post »


гипотиреоз Hypothyroidism is a disease caused by a decrease in thyroid hormone production of the hormone thyroxin, as a result of which, due to a lack of thyroid hormones in the body, various systemic disorders occur. Hypothyroidism is considered one of the most common diseases of the endocrine system. In adults, the extreme form of G. is a myxedema disease, and in children - cretinism. Read the rest of this entry »

Colitis. Symptoms and treatment of colitis

колит Colitis is an inflammatory, or inflammatory, dystrophic lesion of the mucous membranes of the large intestine. Colitis is distinguished for chronic, acute and ischemic (observed exclusively in the elderly). The cause of colitis can be: staphylococci, pathogenic colibacilli, bacterial dysentery, streptococci, bacteria of the proteus group, protozoa or viruses. Read the rest of this entry »


запор фото Constipation is a delay in the emptying of the intestine for more than forty-eight hours. The most common constipation occurs in young children and elderly people. Practically all people have constipations throughout their life. They can appear after operations, stress, travel and arise due to the stress of the body, but since such disorders very quickly pass after the person returns to his habitual way of life, this is not considered a disease. Russian gastroenterologists attribute constipation to the symptom of the underlying disease. However, in the event that they begin to recur frequently enough and become familiar - a compulsory medical consultation with a doctor is required. Read the full entry »