Nodal erythema

узловая эритема фото Nodal erythema is a disease manifested by inflammation of the vessels of the skin and fat-subcutaneous tissue. This disease is usually worried by women more often. Age range of patients with nodal erythema up to 30 years. The risk category includes pregnant women and women using contraceptives. Uzlovaya erythema is thoroughly described by domestic readers. Read the rest of this entry »

Erythema ring-shaped

кольцевидная эритема фото Ring-shaped erythema is a disease characterized by polymorphism and eccentric growth of ring-shaped elements. The second name of the disease is the centrifugal erythema Darya. The disease proceeds in a chronic form and occurs after reading the full entry »

Dryness of the skin

сухость кожи фото Dry skin, first of all, is expressed in violation of water, as well as lipid metabolism, changes in the functioning of the sebaceous and sweat glands. In order to understand the causes of dry skin, we will consider in more detail what is really the skin integument. Read the rest of this entry »


кератоз фото Keratosis of the skin is a composite concept, serving for a number of non-inflammatory, skin diseases, which are pathologically, anatomically, and morphologically characterized by a slight thickening of the stratum corneum. In this case, the degree of hyperplasia of the stratum corneum is affected. Read the full entry »


гиперкератоз фото Hyperkeratosis - a disease manifested in the excessive development of the stratum corneum on the skin of a person. The disease is caused by external (friction, pressure, the action of lubricating oils), as well as internal (hypovitaminosis A, occupational intoxication, Read the full entry »


дискератоз фото Dyskeratosis is a disease that is a physiological disorder of the keratinization process, which is expressed in the pathological keratinization of individual epidermal cells. Dyskartosis is clinically distinguished between two types - Read the full entry »


почесуха фото Pocess (purigo) - is an itchy dermatosis, in which the main elements of the rash are small nodules with small vesicles in the center. Strong itching provokes combing of places where there are rashes, as a result of which deep excoriations appear. One of the distinguishing features of the disease is the location of rashes on the extensor. Read the full post »


дерматоз фото Dermatosis is the collective name of a large number of diseases that have an innate, as well as acquired character, manifested in a pathological change in the skin. The very name dermatos in Greek means skin. Read the rest of this entry »