всд фото VSD is a symptomatic complex that unites various violations of the functions of the vegetative system and is caused by disorders of their regulation. Deciphering VSD the next is a vegeto-vascular dystonia. The concept of "dystonia" says o Read the full entry »

Vegeto-vascular dystonia

вегето сосудистая дистония фото Vegeto-vascular dystonia is a fairly extensive symptom complex characterized by polymorphism of clinical manifestations caused by disorders in the autonomic nervous system. This polytheological syndrome is still called a somatoform. Read the rest of this entry »

The tetrad of Fallot

тетрада фалло фото The tetralogy of Fallot is a severe congenital pathology of the heart, which is characterized by underdevelopment of the output section of the right ventricle with a displacement of the septum to one side. As a result of such changes, four major defects are formed: hypertrophic changes in the myocardium, aortic destroctoposition, subaortic defects Read the full post »


брадикардия фото Bradycardia is a slowdown in the work, the most important organ in our body, the heart. It is believed that the heart works in a slow rhythm with a frequency of its cuts less than 55 beats per minute. Different sources give different figures for the lower limit of the normal rhythm. Basically Read the full entry »

Cardiogenic shock

кардиогенный шок фото Cardiogenic shock is a sharp disruption of the work of the body's main pump, that is, of the heart, due to problems in it or blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. From such a seemingly simple definition, those levels of damage are immediately visible, in which cardiogenic shock can occur. Significant damage to the heart directly. Read the rest of this entry »

Sinus bradycardia

синусовая брадикардия фото Sinus bradycardia is a pathology that is associated with the slowing down of the formation of an impulse by the main driver of rhythm - the sinoauric formation. The remaining pacemakers have a lower frequency of spontaneous excitation, so their impulses are extinguished by the pulses of the sinus node. Read the rest of this entry »

Heart blockade

блокада сердца фото Blockade of the heart is a pathological process associated with the impulses of the cardiac system. Blockade of the heart is a very common phenomenon, since the substrate for its occurrence is heart disease. Blockades of the heart can develop even in the womb and be Read the full entry »


кардиосклероз фото Cardiosclerosis is a concept of morphological and signifies a pathological process that leads to diffuse or local expansion of connective tissue in the heart, followed by compaction of the organ. As a result of cardiosclerosis, functional units (cardiomyocytes) are replaced by Read the full entry »