8 week of pregnancy

8 неделя беременности фото At the eighth week of pregnancy, you can safely say that in the woman's belly does not live an embryo, similar to a baby mammal, and a small baby. The child at this time begins to make spontaneous movements. After all, most organs in the child have already been formed, but bones and joints continue to develop, the hands and fingers are clearly visible on the ultrasound. And the lower extremities begin to develop later. On the face there are auricles, a nose, and also an upper lip. The eighth week is the onset of the optic nerve. The outline of the eyes becomes more distinct, and the face takes clear features. The formation of the heart and blood vessels ends (the valves of the aorta, as well as the pulmonary artery), the salivary glands are laid and the brain impulses of the child are fixed on the ultrasound. Cover the muscles of the walls of the mouth, tongues appear papillae taste. The muscles of the neck and pharynx are forming, and the chewing musculature is gradually developing. The nose is closed by traffic jams mucous and there are already olfactory receptors in it. Bronchi branched, like the crown of trees. The respiratory apparatus develops and the nervous system is improved. The stomach of the child shifts to the bottom of the abdominal cavity and increases. The intestines and stomach have already formed, so the stomach produces gastric juice itself. Begin to work and the kidneys, producing urine independently. Bile ducts appear in the liver and endocrine glands continue to develop.

At the 8th week of pregnancy, the fetal size is from 20 mm, and the weight to 3 grams. The uterus of a woman continues to increase and this affects the abdomen in light clothing. The ultrasound will show the weight and distinguish the head and pelvic end of the child. Sensations of a woman at 8 weeks of pregnancy, as during menstruation - minor cramps in the abdomen. To remove doubts and feelings about the sensations, consult a doctor, especially do not hesitate if the bleeding starts. This can serve as a threat of miscarriage. Your gynecologist will make an individual plan for your pregnancy and prescribe a laboratory examination. The examination consists of: urine analysis for protein, chorionic gonadotropin, leukocyte analysis, general blood test, Rh factor, RW, HIV, blood pressure measurement, weighing, pelvic measurement, and various strokes. Laboratory examinations and hereditary studies suggest and identify diseases before birth.

Be careful when making visits to the dentist (pregnant women are strictly excluded from doing X-rays and anesthesia).

At the 8th week of pregnancy, the state of health remains stable-poor. Symptoms of pregnancy can be supplemented by taste strangeness and sudden changes with appetite. Toxicosis is also troubling and causes a lot of unpleasant sensations. Have a rest and do not lift weights, watch a diet, having excluded from a diet harmful products (coffee, alcohol). Fresh air, walking, rest, positive - your faithful friends until the end of pregnancy.

Pregnant women often complain about external changes: the face becomes pale, dry, the nose is stretched, pigment spots and pimples appear. These are all hormonal changes. The urges to the toilet become more frequent. This is a consequence of the pressure of the uterus on the bladder. Continue drinking as needed, do not limit yourself. Preference is given to decoction of rose hips, cranberry juice, lingonberry and carcade tea, green tea and mineral water. Also do not postpone visit to the gynecologist, especially if on 8 week the stomach or belly hurts.

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