брахидактилия фото Brahidactyly is an underdevelopment of the phalanges, manifested in the shortening of the fingers on the feet and hands, resulting from a genetically determined defect transmitted by inheritance. Manifestations of this anomaly is the decrease in the length of feet and brushes, Read the full entry »


ферментопатия фото Fermentopathy is a pathological disruption of the functioning of the structures of the human body's enzyme system, caused by the partial or total absence of production of any type of enzyme. Опасность любой Read the rest of this entry »


Calcinosis (calcification) is a common limited accumulation of calcium in the form of salts in the structure of various tissues, followed by a pathological change in their function. With satisfactory functioning of the organs of the digestive tract and urinary system, a normal metabolic exchange of calcium is provided in the form of its absorption in the small intestine and excretion with faeces and urine. Read the rest of this entry »

Heart mixoma

миксома сердца фото Mixoma of the heart is an intracavitary primary tumor of the heart, distinguished by benign course and endocardial origin. In connection with the fact that the myxoma of the heart has a characteristic rounded shape and is attached to the inner wall by means of a long "leg", with echocardioscopy, it has the appearance of a mobile neoplasm with distinct smooth contours. Read the rest of this entry »

Atrial fibrillation

фибрилляция предсердий фото Atrial fibrillation is an asynchronous excitation and subsequent reduction of individual areas of the atria, resulting from an abnormal, disorganized electrical activity of the atrial myocardium, accompanied by a reading of the whole record »


лимфаденопатия фото Lymphadenopathy is an increase in size, as well as a change in the shape of one or a whole group of lymph nodes of different genesis. In most episodes, lymphadenopathy is only a manifestation of the underlying background disease, but without qualitative diagnostic read the full entry »


гиперкальциемия фото Hypercalcemia is a polytheological pathology that is observed as a symptomatic complex of other diseases or an independent nosological form, based on a sharp or moderate increase in the serum calcium concentration. Read the rest of this entry »

Rheumatic carditis

ревмокардит фото Rheumatic carditis is the most significant manifestation of rheumatic fever, which allows you to determine the severity of the underlying disease and the tactics of managing the patient. Rheumatic heart disease can be the only isolated Read the full post »