Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a malignant lesion of the male gonads (testicles), which is characterized by unpredictable growth and development of cancer cells. Despite the fact that in cancer statistics, testicular cancer is diagnosed in less than 2% of patients, Read the full entry »

Lymph node cancer

рак лимфоузлов фото Cancer of lymph nodes is a rare oncological disease characterized by an increase in lymph nodes and a tumor lesion of various internal organs that are exposed to an uncontrolled accumulation of "tumor" lymphocytes. This disease is equally affected by both women and men. Read the rest of this entry »

Cancer of the tongue

рак языка фото Cancer of the tongue is a malignant neoplasm of the tongue, arising from the tissues of the flat epithelium. According to statistics, this cancer is seven times more likely to be sick men, mostly after sixty years. Among all registered tumors of the oral cavity, Read the full entry »

Bone cancer

рак костей фото Bone cancer is a group of malignant tumors that affect the skeletal system. This cancer, perhaps, is the most rare form of cancer. Tumors of bones are most often found in adolescents and children, and very rarely Read the full post »

Esophageal carcinoma

рак пищевода фото Esophageal cancer - developing from the epithelial membrane of the esophagus malignant neoplasm. In the structure of the incidence of human malignant neoplasms, esophageal cancer takes eighth place. In men, this disease occurs two to three times more often. Read the rest of this entry »

Thyroid cancer

рак щитовидной железы фото Thyroid cancer is a rare form of malignant tumor that develops from the parafollicular or follicular epithelium of the thyroid gland. Most often this disease develops in elderly people (women are 4 times more likely). In recent years, read the entire entry »

Ovarian Cancer

рак яичников фото Ovarian cancer is a group of malignant tumors developing in various tissues located inside the ovaries. Among all oncological diseases of gynecological localization, malignant tumor Read the full post »

Brain cancer

рак мозга фото Brain cancer is a large group of rare malignant neoplasms arising in various shells and structural formations of the brain. The frequency of occurrence of this cancer is about one and a half percent of the total number of recorded malignant tumors. Depending on the location of the affected cells, the tumor is divided into Read the entire entry »