Emergency Contraception

экстренная контрацепция фото Emergency contraception is a method that prevents the occurrence of an unplanned pregnancy. Emergency postcoital contraception is able to suppress the ovulatory process in the body and thereby prevent the meeting of the male sperm with the female Read the full post »

Luteal cyst

лютеиновая киста фото Luteal cyst is a delimited cavity formed from the elements of the yellow body of the ovary with a liquid of benign origin. Lutein cysts do not have a "favorite" age period, so they are diagnosed Read the full entry »

Unwanted pregnancy

нежелательная беременность фото Unwanted pregnancy , unfortunately, remains a fairly common event in the life of a woman, no matter what her social status and financial situation. Sociologists say that in our country of all Read the full entry »

Spiral intrauterine

спираль внутриматочная фото The intrauterine device spiral is an artificially created synthetic device for the purpose of insertion into the uterine cavity to prevent the development of an unplanned pregnancy. Modern intrauterine spirals are different Read more »

Thick selection

густые выделения фото Dense secretion from the genital tract can not be classified as a pathology. Allocations are an integral part of the functioning of the mucous membranes, covering the genital tract and the cavity of the genital organs, and therefore every woman has it. They begin for the first time on Read the entire entry »

Liquid discharge

жидкие выделения фото Liquid discharge in women is the result of the physiological activity of glandular structures located in the genital tract. The presence of liquid vaginal discharge is not a pathology, but increase it Read more »

Delay of menstruation

задержка месячных фото Delay of menstruation is the absence of another menstrual bleeding at a time that is customary for a particular woman. Complaints about untimely or missing menstruation are considered one of the most frequent Read the full post »

Douching with thrush

спринцевание при молочнице фото Douching with thrush is a method of irrigation of the vaginal cavity with antibacterial or anti-inflammatory agents in order to eliminate the pathogenic fungal microflora. The popularity of douching with thrush, despite the large arsenal of more convenient local therapy, remains quite high. Read the rest of this entry »