лихен фото Lychen is a name that includes a complex of various skin diseases, regardless of their origin and characterized by nodular, small eruptions. From the Greek, the term means lichen or infection. Read the rest of this entry »


дерматомиозит пальцев рук фото Dermatomyositis (Wagner-Hepp-Unferricht disease, Wagner's disease) is a serious systemic disease that causes damage to the smooth and skeletal muscles, resulting in impaired motor function, injury. Read the rest of this entry »


лентиго фото Lentigo is a benign pigmentation spot that is caused by the process of concentrating the pigment of melanin in the chromatophores of the dermis and the basal layer of the epidermis. Visually, it looks like dermal spots of brown color, with clear boundaries and Read the full entry »


петехии фото Petechiae are flat, as well as dotted spots of rounded shape, rich in red, reaching a diameter of 1-2 millimeters. Petechiae are not found on palpation and do not protrude above the skin. Their value varies from a point to a pea. Main Read the full entry »

Marble leather

мраморная кожа фото Marble skin - a pathological condition of the skin, expressed in an uneven cyanotic color in the form of a mesh, as well as a tree-like pattern of blood vessels. The disease has a second name in medicine - livedo. Выделяют несколько Read the rest of this entry »

lupus erythematosus

красная волчанка фото Lupus erythematosus is a systemic disease of unexplained etiology and a very complex pathogenesis. There are two forms of the disease: chronic lupus erythematosus or discoid, related to benign clinical form and second acute or Read the full entry »


чесотка фото Scabies in humans are contagious diseases that occur because of the parasitizing of the scabies mite on the skin. A person becomes infected after direct contact with a patient with scabies: through a handshake and objects, clothing. And within a week after contact a person can appear in Read the entire entry »

Exudative erythema

экссудативная эритема фото Exudative erythema is a disease that is an inflammatory process that spreads to the skin and mucous membranes. In fact, this is the same multiform erythema or multiforme, characterized by a variety of morbid manifestations. Read the rest of this entry »