27th week of pregnancy

27 неделя беременности фото 27 weeks of pregnancy - how many months? The woman is 7 months pregnant, and the child reached the third trimester of intrauterine life. Crumbs have all the necessary organ systems. The brain has achieved rapid growth over the past three months. Skin covers of the baby look very wrinkled. This is due to staying in the water environment of the baby, but everything changes dramatically before childbirth. The baby blinks at regular intervals at the 27th week of pregnancy. The face of the child has already formed, but there are still no plump cheeks. They will necessarily appear, but closer to the very birth. Read the rest of this entry »

28 week of pregnancy

28 неделя беременности фото Starting from the 28th week the child is ready to be born. How many months? You are now six and a half months old. The kid is already opening his eyes and many are blue. The final eye color will be established some time after birth. The child at the 28th week of pregnancy is at full speed showing interest in life behind the stomach: he listens to the sounds, speech of parents, to music. And as studies show - kids start to learn their mother tongue in mother's belly. Therefore, it is understandable why the child's cry so closely resembles the voice of my mother. In the cortex of the child's brain there are formed and developed convolutions. The mass of the brain of the baby Read the full post »

29 week of pregnancy

29 неделя беременности фото The kid is intensively preparing for birth. How many months? The seventh month is coming to an end. A crumb is able to regulate his body temperature, and the bone marrow is responsible for the production of red blood cells of the baby. A child empties up to 500 ml of urine into the amniotic fluid. This is a significant amount. The movements of the fetus at the 29th week of pregnancy begin to acquire a different but active character. The kid begins to push his mom with his elbows and knees. All this is understandable, because the fetus has become large and in the uterus itself it is very crowded. At the 29th week of pregnancy, white fat grows to 4% of total weight. Read the rest of this entry »

30 week of pregnancy

30 неделя беременности фото From the 30th week of pregnancy, a woman is officially considered to be on maternity leave. How many months? You are already 7 months pregnant. This is not enough, but how much energy is spent by the body to rebuild the body. A little more and soon you will see your baby.

At 30 week the eyes of the baby are already wide open, the baby reacts to the bright directional light. The child at the 30th week of pregnancy is growing rapidly. The baby increases the amount of hair, but the skin is still wrinkled. The child has enough formed adipose tissue and for him it is not at all scary to appear prematurely into the light. If you look at the ultrasound, you can see, Read the entire entry »

31 weeks of pregnancy

31 неделя беременности фото At 31 weeks the baby continues to grow, you have 8 months pregnant. The crumb became chubby, and the blood vessels do not appear through the skin. The child has mastered sucking and his kidneys work well enough. Kid at 31 weeks of gestation continues to excrete urine into the amniotic fluid. Up to 500 ml of blood currently passes through the entire circulatory system of the uterus. The blood of the mother will never mix with the baby's blood, because a tiny barrier of the placental barrier separates them. Read the rest of this entry »

32 week of pregnancy

32 неделя беременности фото 32 week of pregnancy - how many months? I went to the eighth month of pregnancy. At 32 weeks the kid hears wonderful and he is interested in what is happening around. Kroha recognizes the knock of my mother's heart, the sounds of peristalsis, and also the noise of blood that flows through the umbilical cord. But still he gives preference to his mother's voice. And as soon as the child appears, he will immediately trust only your voice. Most wrinkles from the child's face slowly disappear, and a large amount of hair appeared on the head. The weight of the child at the 32nd week of pregnancy is growing rapidly, and the nervous system of crumbs continues to develop. The baby's eyes narrow when the light gets on the face. Read the rest of this entry »

33 week of pregnancy

33 неделя беременности фото The baby continues to change, and at the 33rd week of pregnancy the baby's pens are covered with a skin pattern. The child still has enough room for somersaults, but soon everything will stop and the wiggling of the fetus at the 33nd week of pregnancy will be hampered. The crumb continues to sleep for a long time, and when awakened, he listens to the sounds from outside. The brain activity of the baby continues to develop rapidly.

The weight of the baby at 32 weeks of gestation is about 2000 grams, and the length of crumbs is up to 30 cm. Read the full post »

34 week of pregnancy

34 неделя беременности фото At 34 weeks of pregnancy the baby grows kilograms and continues to amaze his mom and doctors with growth. The weight of the baby at 34 weeks of gestation is up to 2250 grams, and the height is 32 cm. Its white energy-intensive fat has reached 8% of the total weight. And from this the skin changed and became smooth and pink. Pleasure the hair on the head of the baby, which became thick. The embryonic fluff of the baby disappears gradually, and the layer of the original grease increases to an abundant state. The kid at 34 weeks of gestation continues to take calcium from her mother. Remember this and take calcium with food and food additives. Development of bone tissue of the baby is a very important process for its development. Placental hormones are concentrated on mum Read the rest of this entry »