7 week of pregnancy

7 неделя беременности фото For a woman, this period is characterized by the fact that the child at this time formed two hemispheres of the brain, is gaining momentum in development and the nervous system. The size of the head of the embryo is half the size of the baby. Continues to form 5 divisions of the brain, but for now it's five bubbles. Develop lungs, kidneys and bronchi. The placenta becomes denser. By the end of the 7th week of pregnancy, there will be utero-placental blood circulation of the fetus and such vital processes as nutrition and respiration will occur through the vessels of the umbilical cord and the placenta. The fetus still has a tail that will eventually disappear. At the 7th week of pregnancy small hands are formed, grow tiny fingers, distinguishable hangers and forearms. Handles begin to bend at the elbows and wrists. The iris of the eyes is formed. Gradually, the distance between the eyes of a small one narrows, and eyelids appear. Continues to form the inner, as well as the outer ear. On the face, the upper lip and spout are clearly distinguished, and the nostrils appear in the nose. There is a birth of milk teeth, development of bone cells, the epidermis is formed. The child's heart becomes four-chambered with the right and left atrium, the cardiovascular system of the baby continues to form (large blood vessels appear, the arterial trunk is divided into the pulmonary artery and the aorta). The intestine increases along the length, and the bile ducts appear in the liver, the large intestine finishes, an appendix appears, and the pancreas produces the first insulin, the endocrine glands of the baby develop. In this period, the body is determined with the sex of the child. The sex glands gradually develop or in testicles - it's a boy or into the ovaries - it's a girl. The child gradually straightens and grows faster. At the 7th week of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is up to 20 mm, and the weight is up to 1 gram.

The organism of mother continues to feel hormonal perestroika. The condition of a woman is unstable and there are frequent mood swings. This period remains a critical and dangerous miscarriage. Therefore, one should be attentive to one's own state and listen to sensations. , имеющим порок развития матки, проблемы с половыми органами, делающим ранее аборт, а также был нарушен менструальный цикл. Beware of spontaneous abortion should women who have experienced an acute respiratory viral infection or influenza with a uterine malformation, problems with the sexual organs that make abortion earlier, and the menstrual cycle has been disrupted.

At week 7, mucus from the cervix forms a slimy cork that protects the uterus from the vagina. This is the protection of the uterus and child from the outside world and various incursions, and before birth this cork will come out of the neck of the uterus. The uterus continues to grow and the woman can feel spasms and a slight pain in the lower abdomen. ы , напряжение молочных желез, раздражительность. A woman experiences such sensations: lack of oxygen, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, salivation, bloating, constipation , mammary gland tension, irritability. Be also careful with taking medication in this period so as not to harm the baby. In the presence of rhesus blood from the mother "minus", and in the pope "plus", it is necessary to make a blood test for the Rh-antibody to prevent Rh-conflict.

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