Depression after a divorce

депрессия после развода фото Depression due to divorce causes a lot of unpleasant moments for both spouses: experiences, discomfort, settlement of housing issues, nervous division of property, parting with children and other moments. Read the rest of this entry »

Emotional Burnout

эмоциональное выгорание фото Emotional burnout is a condition characterized by an increase in emotional exhaustion in the sphere of communication with the inclusion of cognitive distortions. In other words, this state is a mechanism of psychological defense for the individual and manifests itself in a partial form of excluding emotions for psychotraumatic effects. Emotional burnout exposed people from the Read the full entry »

Depression after parting

депрессия после расставания фото Acquaintance, encounter, love, turning into a strong sense of affection and love, and then a sudden break and unexpected prolonged depression after parting with a loved one, which, for sure, experienced in his life every lover. Read the rest of this entry »


психоз фото The psychosis from the Greek means a disturbed mental disorder accompanied by a pronounced mental activity, while the psychic reactions are inconsistent with the real situation, which has a marked effect on the perception of the real world, as well as the disorganization of behavior. Read the full post »

Chronic fatigue

хроническая усталость фото Chronic fatigue is a natural physiological reaction of the organism associated with nervous excitation processes, as well as inhibition in the subcortex of the brain, and then with biochemical transformations in the tissues themselves. For example, this is Read the full entry »

Pick's disease

болезнь пика фото Pick's disease is a progressive CNS disease characterized by atrophy of the frontal and temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex and is manifested by increasing dementia. The median age at onset of the disease is 50-60 years, although a later and earlier manifestation is possible. Women are sick more often than men. Due to the death of neutrons in this disease, the cerebral cortex becomes depleted, the grooves of the brain deepen, the cerebral ventricles considerably increase, and the boundary between white and gray matter is erased. Read the rest of this entry »

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

обсессивно-компульсивное расстройство фото Obsessive-compulsive disorder, and also abbreviated (OCD) is referred to as a complex of symptoms, which are grouped together and derived from the combined Latin terminology obsessio and compulsio.

The very obsession in translation from Latin means a siege, taxation, blockade, and compulsion in translation from Latin means compelling. Read the rest of this entry »


депрессия фото A person is a biological, social being and wholly dependent on the society. Man is constantly in interaction with people - life, work, family, leisure. If the chain is broken and the person ceases to feel like a part of the society, his plans, hopes, happen, happen, life is broken, he breaks down and does not always psychologically manage himself with the life situation and as a result he falls ill ... Read the rest of this entry »