ксантома фото Xanthoma (sebaceous shellfish, papillomatous fibroids) is a focal deposit in some tissues and skin of cholesterol and triglycerides caused by certain disorders of lipid metabolism. Morphological basis of this new growth Read the full entry »


карбункул фото Carbuncle is an inflammation that is caused by pyogenic microbes and originates from the formation of a pustule (pustule), which is able to grow in the plural. The localization of the disease is the neck, face, lower back, back, buttocks. Развитие карбуункула Read the rest of this entry »

Contact dermatitis

контактный дерматит фото Contact dermatitis - the appearance of inflammation on the skin, which occur due to the effects on the skin of allergic stimuli or allergic substances. As a rule, such irritating factors are represented by chemical means, which Read the full entry »


кератодермия фото Keratodermia is the collective name of a large group of dermatoses characterized by disturbances of the keratinization of the skin. Most often, this pathological process is localized in the area of ​​the soles and palms. The keratodermia of the palms reveals itself with a thickening. Read the rest of this entry »

Ring-shaped granuloma

кольцевидная гранулема фото Ring-shaped granuloma (or anular) refers to a chronic and gradually recurring, progressive dermatosis of unknown origin. This disease is characterized by the appearance of ring-shaped Read the full entry »

Plantar wart

подошвенная бородавка фото Plantar wart is an education that is caused by the human papillomavirus. The same virus can cause similar formations also on other parts of the body. Plantar warts often appear on the foot reference point, on which you have to Read the entire entry »


стрептодермия фото Skin streptoderma, being an infectious disease, is caused by streptococcal microflora. All life activity of microorganisms proceeds with formation on skin integuments of flaky, purulent elements of a rounded shape. Read the rest of this entry »


склеродермия фото Scleroderma is a disease of connective tissue, characterized by a marked condensation. The disease can be attributed to an unusual form of arthritis, in which in some areas of the skin, and in rare cases, scar tissue is deposited on the entire skin. Read the rest of this entry »