гипокальциемия фото Hypocalcemia is a polytheological pathological condition, which is observed as a symptomatic complex of other nosological forms, based on a sharp or moderate decrease in the concentration of serum ionized read more »


гиперандрогения фото Hyperandrogenism is a pathological condition of the endocrine system of the female body, which develops as a result of excessive synthesis of male sex hormones such as the ovaries or the adrenal cortex. Syndrome giperandrogenii refers to the most common Read the full entry »


пеллагра фото Pellagra is a systemic pathology of the human body, manifested in the appearance of symptoms of the defeat of the digestive and nervous system, as well as the apparent changes in the skin that are caused by the pronounced insufficiency of vitamins of all subgroups B and nicotinic acid. Read the rest of this entry »


нейроциркуляторная дистония фото Neurocirculatory dystonia is a symptomatic complex of a neurogenic nature that arises as a result of the influence of a number of etiological provoking factors, manifested in the appearance of pulse instability and arterial pressure, cardialgia, respiratory disorders, vegetative disorders, tonus disorders Read the full post »


микседема фото Myxedema is a pathological condition that arises as a result of improper functioning of the thyroid hormone and is manifested as signs of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroid clinical symptoms.

Until recently, such a name of the disease as "myxedema" was not used in the practice of endocrinologists and in Read the full entry »


акроцианоз фото Acrocyanosis is a change in the color of the skin on the distal parts of the trunk, which acquire a bluish tinge. At the heart of the pathogenesis of acrocyanosis development is the disturbance of blood flow along the microcirculatory bed at the level of the arterial capillary network in the thickness of the skin. Read the rest of this entry »


Hyperbilirubinemia is a pathological change in blood serum, which is manifested in an increase in the bilirubin concentration, which is the result of the increased breakdown of hemoglobin. Read the rest of this entry »


кардиомегалия фото Cardiomegaly is a change in the shape, parameters and total mass of the heart toward an increase in these parameters, which is the manifestation of the main chronic cardiac, and sometimes extra-cardiac pathological changes. In most situations, this term means not a separate nosological unit, but a syndrome. Read the rest of this entry »