19 week of pregnancy

19 неделя беременности фото The baby continues to develop at the 19th week of pregnancy. How many months? The woman continues to go the fifth month of pregnancy, and the crumb goes to the full growth of the brain. And the fact that the baby has a disproportionately large head is a sign of how important the role of the brain is in this period. Neurons, as well as nerve cells responsible for the connection of the brain and muscles, have already taken their place. And so the baby's movements become more specific. Under the rudiments of the baby teeth, the rudiments of permanent teeth are already emerging. The child acquires proportional dimensions of the limb. His foot is not more than 2.5 cm and its proportions relative to the shins and thighs will now become permanent. Read the rest of this entry »

20 week of pregnancy

20 неделя беременности фото 20 weeks of pregnancy - how many months? Half way passed! We congratulate you on this! You got halfway through your pregnancy. This is four and a half months. 20 week of pregnancy is characterized by a sharp increase in the baby. The baby gradually thickens the skin, it becomes four-layer. Sebaceous glands of the child produce a waxy secret, namely the original grease. This is a secretion of white and cream color, which covers the folds of the baby, as well as some parts of the body. The role of lubricant to protect the skin of a baby that swims in the amnion Read the full post »

21 weeks of pregnancy

21 неделя беременности фото The baby at the 21st week of pregnancy continues to grow rapidly and his nervous system has reached such a level that the baby is able to swallow amniotic fluid. The swallowed part of the liquid is safely digested, and the material in the form of discarded skin cells enters the rectum. Until the birth of the fallen cells will be in the rectum and only then will be withdrawn by the first contractions of the intestine. In the blood of the infant, a lot of red blood cells are already contained. This week, white blood cells are being developed at full speed, which are responsible for the elimination of infections. On the tongue the baby has taste buds. As for the digestive tract, it is able to Read the full entry »

22 week of pregnancy

22 неделя беременности фото At 22 weeks of pregnancy the child continues to develop rapidly and grow up. The crooks continue to improve, the hair on the baby's head grows. But the pigment melanin, responsible for the color of hair, will appear in the crumbs much later. Perception of the child is improved from day to day. It is important to touch the baby in his personal development. The child loves to move handles and legs, touches his own face, flexes with pleasure the handles and legs, strokes them. If he has a desire to suck a finger, then he independently decides how best to do it. And he chooses a variant convenient for himself: either he tilts his head, or pulls his finger to his mouth. А после рождения чадо Read the rest of this entry »

23 week of pregnancy

23 неделя беременности фото At 23 weeks of pregnancy the baby continues to intensively increase fat. How many months? You have gone to the sixth month of pregnancy. But the child is still red, wrinkled and not handsome. This is due to the fact that the skin is developed earlier than the fat deposits and therefore the skin has a saggy appearance. And the redness itself appears, as a result of the accumulation of pigments in the skin, which make it opaque. A small fruit at the 23rd week of pregnancy is active in the abdomen of the mother, but this happens very gently and is not noticeable for a woman. With endoscopy of the fetus, one can observe how the baby in the uterus loves to grab hold of the umbilical cord and push the water shell. At 23 weeks of pregnancy, the child swallows small amounts Read the full entry »

24th week of pregnancy

24 неделя беременности фото 24 weeks gestation - how many months? The sixth month of pregnancy ends. The abdomen at the 24th week of pregnancy is made into a more rounded one and you can not hide under the clothes. The fetus grows larger and the wiggling on the 24th week of pregnancy is less mobile, because the crumb occupies the entire uterus and becomes cramped. It becomes problematic for a child to tumble and turn over in the amniotic waters, but the favorite occupation is to grab the umbilical cord and feel the pens all around. The child listens more and more often to all sounds and emotions of the mother. If the mother is frightened, the child will feel it all. Read the rest of this entry »

25th week of pregnancy

25 неделя беременности фото 25 weeks of pregnancy - how many months? You have started the seventh month of pregnancy, which was the beginning of intensive strengthening in the osteoarticular system. And for several weeks the heart of the baby is very well listened. Doctors can hear this well with a stethoscope or a special tube. But the heartbeat can be heard without medical devices. If the future father will put an ear to the mother's stomach, then with absolute silence you can clearly hear the child's heartbeat. The sex of the fetus is already definitively determined, so future parents have something to think about, namely, how to name the child. At 7 month the boy's testicles descend into the scrotum, and the vagina of the girls finishes the design. Read the rest of this entry »

26 week of pregnancy

26 неделя беременности фото From 26 weeks of pregnancy, your child begins to slowly open his eyes. How many months? This is the 7th month of pregnancy. At this time, eyes have almost formed, and all the shells of the eyeball are the same as they will after birth. And if the kid has green eyes, then they are green now. The baby has formed taste buds and the child from this time shows a love for sweets. On ultrasound is very well seen that the bitter food, the kid responds with an unhappy grimace. The child at the 26th week of pregnancy continues to gain weight and to save fat, but for now he is very thin. But to the moment of birth Read the full entry »