41 weeks of pregnancy

41 неделя беременности фото Your child is ready to be born at 41 weeks of pregnancy, but something stops him. Perhaps he is very well in your stomach. Although it seems to you that the birth should begin already: pulls the stomach, there are brown discharge. Yes, and all the organs of the baby, and the system is developed, but he continues to accumulate fat. The lubricant covering the entire body has disappeared, remaining only in places of delicate skin, which badly needs protection from scuffs. This is the groin, and also the armpit Read the full post »

42 weeks of pregnancy

42 неделя беременности фото The baby at the 42nd week of pregnancy is still growing, which can lead to difficulties in childbirth, since it is very difficult for a large child to move along the birth canal. During a pregnant pregnancy, the placenta is aging, and it develops hypoxia and worsens the baby's nutrition. Due to the lack of oxygen, the kid experiences a reflex excretion of calamonia. And for the health of the baby is dangerous swallowing meconium, which gets into the body Read the rest of this entry »

All weeks of pregnancy

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We present to your attention the full calendar of pregnancy for weeks, in which all the weeks of pregnancy are described in great detail, from the moment of conception to the baby, and until the very birth. With the help of our calendar, you can easily monitor how your pregnancy goes on for weeks, learning in the slightest detail about all periods of fetal development. In addition, you can see the main signs of pregnancy, as well as emotional and hormonal reactions of your body. Read the rest of this entry »