6th week of pregnancy

6 неделя беременности фото The pregnancy test gave a positive result and signs of an early toxicosis make themselves felt, and the baby develops at an incredible rate at week 6. Congratulations! You will have a baby! This is both joy and responsibility. During this period, the neural tube of the embryo was already tightened with tissue. The end of the neural tube forms the brain. Against the background of the future face, future eyes form in the form of visual bubbles. The heart begins to beat, although it represents only a microscopic tube. On the ultrasound scanner, it is realistic to catch the first cuts of the heart. At the 6th week of pregnancy, the first rudiments of the arms and legs of the child appear, parts of the inner ear, as well as the larynx. Rapidly gaining the growth of the brain. Gradually the head acquires recognizable outlines: eyes, ears, nose are allocated. Inside the fetus of the baby, the simplest beginnings of internal organs (the liver, as well as the lungs) develop. Intensively gaining the development of the placenta.

The size of the fetus on the 6th week of pregnancy is 4 mm, and the volume of the amniotic fluid is up to 3 ml. At this stage, the child is still formless.

But it is at this time, as 6 weeks of pregnancy, that deterioration in the state of health and unpleasant sensations in the expectant mother tend to be: toxicosis, aversion to food, drowsiness, headaches, irritability, the appearance of heaviness in the stomach and difficulties with the daily stool may hurt the stomach. This is due to the individual susceptibility to pregnancy. To all listed signs, at 6 weeks of pregnancy, susceptibility to odors, increased salivation, tingling in the mammary glands are added. The reason is the continuing hormonal restructuring of women, aimed at creating an enabling environment for the development of the child

: Prophylaxis of toxicosis and deterioration of well-being :

- fractional meals up to 7 times a day (morning meal in bed, and the last before bedtime)

- experiment with food, listen to the body so that you can remove nausea. Perhaps these will be lollipops, apples, sunflower seeds, crackers, crackers, raisins, chips or boiled potatoes

- In case of vomiting - replenish the body with liquid (juices, tea, juicy fruits, vegetables)

- rest a lot and do not overwork from work (sleep a lot, slowly wake up and do not act in the morning)

- Some women from nausea are helped by toothpaste and chewing gum

- Avoid collision with irritating smells (cigarette smoke, toilet water, food flavors). Native should be on your side and help you with this

- eat bran (they will improve intestinal motility and contribute to the withdrawal of bile)

- avoid stress (engage in psychotherapy, auto-training, yoga, go for psychological counseling)

- effective methods of acupuncture, as well as finger acupuncture in the fight against nausea and vomiting, drooling, headaches

- do not take your own medications and all kinds of tinctures, consult first with your doctor. The competent doctor will choose the best option for solving your problem, because the 6th week of pregnancy is the time to come to the first reception to the obstetrician-gynecologist.

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