Menopause - this is one of the phases of menopause, associated with the complete completion of the hormonal function of the ovaries. With the term "menopause" is associated a lot of myths and inaccuracies, meanwhile, this important age stage is sooner or later to be read Read the rest of this entry »


Premenopause is the first, initial, stage of the climacteric period, when the female body adapts to a natural gradual decrease in the function of the ovaries. Read the rest of this entry »

Multiple pregnancy

Multiple pregnancy is a pregnancy in the presence of more than one fetus in the uterine cavity. Despite the increased incidence of multiple pregnancies in recent years, it still correlates with infrequent (0.7-1.5%) Read the full entry »


Single or bilateral removal of the ovary (ovariectomy) is not a common operation, since it is performed according to a limited number of indications. Sometimes the ovary has to be removed together with the fallopian tube, less often - with the uterus. Read the rest of this entry »

Bloody issues

Bloody discharge is not a maternal bleeding of pathological origin that coincides with menstruation. Bloody uterine discharge as a pathological symptom is integrated into many gynecological ailments. Conditionally them Read the rest of this entry »


Ovulation is the shortest period of any physiological menstrual cycle, during which an adult egg rushes from the ovary to the pelvic cavity for potential fertilization. With the term "ovulation" for sure Read the full post »

Proliferation of glandular epithelium

Proliferation of glandular epithelium is an increase in the number of glandular structures in the cervical epithelium. This condition is not considered an independent nosology, but only an isolated cytological sign, which does not always indicate a serious pathology. Read the rest of this entry »

Phases of the menstrual cycle

The phases of the menstrual cycle are successive hormonal and structural changes in the female body of a cyclic nature, which ensure the realization of the reproductive function. The formation of the phase of the menstrual cycle is always dominated by the hormonal function of the ovaries, which affects not only the genital sphere, it modifies the work of the whole organism. Read the rest of this entry »