Dermatitis in infants

дерматит у грудничка фото Dermatitis in infants has a definition as a group of inflammatory reactions. These reactions arise as a result of exposure to the skin of the child of various stimuli in conditions of increased sensitization of the baby's body to all sorts of irritating substances. Dermatitis in the baby is characterized by eruptions on the skin of a different nature and with Read the full post »

Dermatitis on the legs

дерматит на ногах фото Dermatitis on the legs - a fairly common symptom complex of various dermatitis, manifested by such characteristic signs as the presence of peeling and itching sensation of the skin of the legs, as well as the appearance of transparent bubbles, moist cracks, crusts. Read the rest of this entry »

Diaper dermatitis

фото пеленочного дерматита Diaper dermatitis is called dermatitis, which is directly related to swaddling. Most often there is diaper dermatitis in newborns, but sometimes diaper dermatitis occurs in more adult children. Read the rest of this entry »

Dermatitis on the head

дерматит на голове фото Dermatitis on the head is one of the manifestations of such a common dermatological disease as seborrheic dermatitis. Most often, dermatitis on the head manifests itself as usual dandruff, but not in any way it should not be treated calmly, Read the rest of this entry »

Oral dermatitis

пероральный дерматит фото Oral dermatitis is presented as a dermatosis with a certain localization around the mouth. This type of dermatitis was first described in the United States of America in 1957. He was designated as a seborid in a face with photosensitivity. Read the rest of this entry »

Dermatitis in the hands

дерматит на руках фото Dermatitis in the hands is itself an inflammatory reaction of the skin in response to the effects of various stimuli from the external environment. With our modern lifestyle in the age of GMOs, avoiding dermatitis on the hands is impossible. Read the rest of this entry »

Atopic dermatitis in adults

атопический дерматит взрослая стадия фото Atopic dermatitis in adults is a chronic non-contagious dermatological disease of allergic origin, characterized by rashes on the body and intense skin itching. Initially, atopic dermatitis always manifests itself in childhood, and in adults. Read the rest of this entry »

Perioral dermatitis

периоральный дерматит фото Perioral dermatitis is a fairly common dermatological disease, manifested by inflammation and irritation of the skin in the area around the mouth and chin, in the form of rashes and redness. The most common perioral dermatitis Read the rest of this entry »