гипопротеинемия фото Hypoproteinemia is a pathologically caused sharp or gradual decrease in the level of total protein in the plasma component of the blood. For the formation of this pathological state, only a violation is sufficient Read the full post »


ксантелазма фото Xantelasm is a new formation of a flat ovoid form of yellow color, localized on the face, mainly in the paraorbital region. This pathology can be observed as an independent disease, and in this case it is represented by a single plaque, Read the full entry »


короста фото Korosta is a contagious disease of the dermatological profile that occurs as a result of skin lesions by a specific parasite, namely, a scabie mite. The primary way of infection is "contact", through the skin from a person who is the carrier of the scab, and this pathology is characterized by a high indicator of contagiousness. Read the rest of this entry »

Thrush in men

молочница у мужчин фото Thrush in men is an urogenital infection of a fungal nature. Thrush in men is similar in origin to thrush in women, but has differences in clinical manifestations. In addition, if a woman's milkmaid is an independent isolated read the entire entry »


гемолиз фото Hemolysis is the physiological destruction of blood cells, namely cells of the erythrocyte series, which reflects the natural process of their aging. Direct destruction of blood cells of the erythrocyte series occurs under the action of hemolysin, in the role of which most often acts as bacterial toxins. Read the rest of this entry »


холестаз фото Cholestasis is a pathological condition in which there is a decrease in the secretion of bile in the small intestine that results from a violation of its production or excretion. Depending on the etiopathogenetic mechanisms Read the full entry »


ректоцеле фото Rectocele is the prolapse of the pelvic organs with the formation of a diverticuloid-like volumetric protrusion of the rectum wall in the direction of the vagina. The complexity of this disease is not so much a disturbed relationship between the structures of the perineum, but in violation of the basic evacuation function of the rectum. Read the rest of this entry »


коллагеноз фото Collagenosis is an immunopathological process, accompanied by the development of degenerative disorders with a predominant involvement of connective tissue, characterized by a progressive course and a wide range of clinical manifestations. Read the rest of this entry »