Deep thrombophlebitis

глубокий тромбофлебит фото Deep thrombophlebitis is a secondary form of phlebothrombosis, which affects deep veins. Deep thrombophlebitis refers to a rare phenomenon and mainly develops as a result of the septic process, which is located near the affected vein. Read the rest of this entry »

Vascular crisis

сосудистый криз фото Vascular crisis is an acute transient disturbance of the hemodynamics of the entire system or local blood flow caused by disorders of vascular tone, that is, as a result of hypotension or hypertension of the arteries, dysfunction of the tissue connections of the arteries and veins, and also due to the hypotension of the veins. Read the rest of this entry »

Lerish syndrome

синдром лериша фото Lerish's syndrome is a fairly common disease of the circulatory system, which manifests itself in occlusion of the arteries of the aorto-iliac region. This disease was described in detail by the surgeon and scientist René Lerish at the beginning of the twentieth century, since already at that time this pathology was very common. Read the rest of this entry »

Portal hypertension

портальная гипертензия фото Portal hypertension is a complex symptom complex, which is characterized by a marked increase in pressure in the portal vein due to difficult circulation. Normally, the pressure in this vein does not exceed 7 mm of mercury. In case the blood pressure in the portal vein rises Read more »

Intermittent claudication

перемежающаяся хромота фото Intermittent claudication is a symptomatic complex, the characteristic manifestation of which is the violation of the blood supply of vessels located in the lower extremities with manifestations of pain in legs of a transient nature, as well as arising in the process. Read the rest of this entry »


васкулит фото Vasculitis is an autoimmune inflammation of the vessel wall. This syndrome can affect any vessels of different caliber: arterioles, veins, arteries, venules, capillaries. Affected vessels can be superficially located in the dermis, more deeply - on the border of the dermis and hypodermis or in any body cavities. Read the rest of this entry »

Hemorrhagic vasculitis

фото геморрагического васкулита Hemorrhagic vasculitis is a disease associated with the destruction of the smallest blood vessels of the body: capillaries, venules and arterioles. Accompanying hemorrhagic vasculitis with aseptic inflammation and structural disturbance Read the full post »

Takayasu's disease

болезнь Такаясу фото Takayasu's disease is a systemic disease associated with the granulomatous lesion of the elastic aorta and its major branches. Takayasu's disease is a nonspecific aortoarteriitis. This disease refers to systemic vasculitis, which is characterized by an inflammatory lesion of the vessel wall with the immune component. Read the rest of this entry »