11 week of pregnancy

11 неделя беременности фото At 11 weeks, the fetus grows rapidly. The number of blood vessels in the placenta is increasing because of the growing appetite of the baby. The head of the child is also large and occupies most of the body. All this is due to the rapid development of the fetal brain, but the internal organs of the baby are also intensively developing. Part of the intestine continues to fall into the umbilical cord. On the eleventh week, the intestine begins to function, making the first cuts. At this stage, the intestine has nothing to digest yet. Read the rest of this entry »

12 week of pregnancy

12 неделя беременности фото At 12 weeks of gestation, the fetus continues to intensively gain growth, the baby's brain develops rapidly. The baby's brain is similar to an adult, but in a smaller version. All the organs of the baby are already laid and only the strokes remain. The nervous system of crumbs develops. The thyroid gland can synthesize iodine itself. Nails and fingers of hands and feet continue to develop. Fingers of the baby have a unique skin pattern. The first cannula hairs on the skin are born. The baby's feet become sensual. The musculature of the baby is quite developed, but the child's movements are involuntary and the acrobatic elements of the baby are noticeable on the ultrasound. Read the rest of this entry »

13 week of pregnancy

13 неделя беременности фото At the 13th week of pregnancy, the easiest and most pleasant period of pregnancy for a future mother begins. A third of the way for a woman is already passed. Nausea morning goes away, the risk of miscarriage is minimal. And what about the baby? At the 13th week of pregnancy, the baby formed all the milk teeth. The child's eyelids grew together, and the eyes will not open until four months later. The kid continues to love sucking a finger. During this period, the baby is laying the tissues, from which the baby's bones will form in the future. The spout of the child and the chin continue to loom. Soon the baby's breast will start to rise, as if breathing. Read the rest of this entry »

14 week of pregnancy

14 неделя беременности фото At 14 weeks of pregnancy, the baby continues to develop and improve in the abdomen (especially his face). His nose, his ears, his cheeks are emerging. The eyes of the baby are not so widely spread, but they continue to be prolonged for centuries. At 14 weeks of pregnancy lanugo becomes visible - this is the first embryonic fuzz. Lanugo performs a protective function for the child. Namely: delays the substance - the secret that the child's organism gives out. And later later in the body of the mother will grow coarser hairs - fluff. But in addition to lanugo, the baby has an increase in the fluff of the eyebrows. Even on the baby's head, the first hint of a fluffy hair appears. Continue to develop at full speed and the internal organs of the child. Read the rest of this entry »

15 week of pregnancy

15 неделя беременности фото At the 15th week of pregnancy, blood vessels begin to appear through the child. The baby's heart passes through itself within 23 liters of blood per day. The skin of the baby is still very thin, and the color is close to red. You can clearly see the eyebrows of the child, the hair on the head, and also the body. If the child is dark-haired, the follicles will produce a special pigment. The little boy's hands are bent at the elbows, and also at the wrists; the child intensively squeezes the tiny fists. At the 15th week of pregnancy, the gallbladder bleeds independently secretes bile, which then enters the intestines. Bile will give a black-green color in the future to the first secretions of the baby's intestines. Read the full entry »

16 week of pregnancy

16 неделя беременности фото Pregnancy ... How much joy this unforgettable state brings and the thrilling sensation of approaching motherhood! Your baby is growing rapidly and at the 16th week of pregnancy, the development of the fetus is very happy mom. A crumb can keep his head straight. His facial muscles are already fully formed, and he can grimace, wink, open and close his mouth, and also frown. The baby had enough calcium to build up the stone. If a girl is to be born, her ovaries are dropped from the abdominal cavity into the hip part. Very noticeable in the work of the kidney, and also Read the full entry »

17 week of pregnancy

17 неделя беременности фото Pregnancy at 17 weeks continues to please the future mother and give new sensations. After waking up in the morning, Mom listens to the child's stirring. How nice it is to feel life inside of you! And the child in the meantime is rapidly growing and developing. The placenta also increases in size. Its weight reaches up to 500 grams. Filled with blood vessels of the placenta, through which nutrients go to the baby, it grows. On the 17th week, the baby's brown fat is deposited, which is very necessary for the heat exchange of a child's body. Until the 17th week the baby had no subcutaneous fat. Read the rest of this entry »

18 week of pregnancy

18 неделя беременности фото Pregnancy at week 18 surprises with its rapid changes in the development of the fetus. 18 weeks of pregnancy - how many months do you have? I went to the fifth month. The baby is so rapidly growing and it is noticeable on your stomach. The child continues to strengthen his bones, and the facial features are becoming clearer. Phalanges of fingers are finished. On the hands and feet there was a unique pattern, which is responsible for fingerprints. Your baby slowly perceives the outside world and begins to talk about himself by pushing into his stomach with his foot. The child hears Mom, because his auditory ossicles are already strong, and the area of ​​the brain responsible for receiving auditory signals is in full swing. Малыша не пугают шум Read the rest of this entry »