33 week of pregnancy

33 неделя беременности фото The baby continues to change, and at the 33rd week of pregnancy the baby's pens are covered with a skin pattern. The child still has enough room for somersaults, but soon everything will stop and the wiggling of the fetus at the 33nd week of pregnancy will be hampered. The crumb continues to sleep for a long time, and when awakened, he listens to the sounds from outside. The brain activity of the baby continues to develop rapidly.

The weight of the baby at 32 weeks of gestation is about 2000 grams, and the length of crumbs is up to 30 cm. Read the full post »

34 week of pregnancy

34 неделя беременности фото At 34 weeks of pregnancy the baby grows kilograms and continues to amaze his mom and doctors with growth. The weight of the baby at 34 weeks of gestation is up to 2250 grams, and the height is 32 cm. Its white energy-intensive fat has reached 8% of the total weight. And from this the skin changed and became smooth and pink. Pleasure the hair on the head of the baby, which became thick. The embryonic fluff of the baby disappears gradually, and the layer of the original grease increases to an abundant state. The kid at 34 weeks of gestation continues to take calcium from her mother. Remember this and take calcium with food and food additives. Development of bone tissue of the baby is a very important process for its development. Placental hormones are concentrated on mum Read the rest of this entry »

35 weeks of pregnancy

35 неделя беременности фото At 35 weeks of gestation, the baby is fully formed and is ready to head down into the pelvic region of the woman. The walls of the water house begin to hamper the child. At week 35 the child's fingernails grew to the edge of the fingers. And on the birthday of the baby they will be incredibly long. Do not be surprised if on his face he will have scratches received in the womb. The baby continues to put aside fatty tissue. This is clearly visible on the shoulders of the baby, which become round and very soft. The first fluff - Lanugo departs from the body. In order for a child to move his head forward along the birth canal, a woman's cervix is ​​sometimes shortened or narrowed from time to time. Read the rest of this entry »

36 weeks of pregnancy

36 неделя беременности фото Now you have finished 8 months of pregnancy, the stomach has grown to large sizes. Every day the child adds up to 28 grams. At 36 weeks of pregnancy the baby is completely ready and happy to be born. The crumbs have chubby cheeks, tummy, body. Cheeks formed well because the kid always sucks his fingers on his hands and prepare for feeding. After all, right after birth, he will have to work hard to get enough. The face of the baby also became plump and smooth. And the skull of the child is still soft and at the time of birth, through the birth canal, it will collapse. Read the rest of this entry »

37 week of pregnancy

37 неделя беременности фото Starting from the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby is ready to be born. The weight of the child is recruited for normal functioning, but he still continues to gain fat at 30 grams per day. The skin of the baby has a pink, beautiful color. At the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby's nervous system continues to improve. A protective shell formed around his nerves. And the entire process, namely the development of coordination and muscle reflexes in the future will develop after the birth of a crumb. The production of surfactant in the lungs is in full swing, which allows the baby to breathe by himself with air. And this week the child tries to breathe. На его вдохе Read the rest of this entry »

38 week of pregnancy

38 неделя беременности фото At 38 weeks, the baby loses Lanugo - the first fluff, and the original grease is getting smaller. The child adds to the weight of 30 grams per day and continues to quickly prepare for a new life after birth. Before the birth, the baby has accumulated a lot of waste in the intestines. This substance is called meconium or the original black and green feces consisting of dead blood cells, intestinal cells, gun hair, skin cells swallowed with amniotic fluid. Your baby will be free of meconium only after birth. But sometimes it happens, that the child Read the rest of this entry »

39 weeks of pregnancy

39 неделя беременности фото At 39 weeks of pregnancy the child is actually ready to be born. Very often it happens. The baby's grip is strong, his knees pressed to his chin. There is absolutely no place for active movements. Kid at 39 weeks of pregnancy enough lost hair down on the body, there were those that hide in the folds of the skin. Totally grown on the extremities of small marigolds. The central nervous system of the baby is not fully developed, but neural cells of the spinal cord, as well as glial tissue, are sufficiently developed. And the further development of the child will continue after birth. The baby has already fully formed the villi Read the full post »

40 week of pregnancy

40 неделя беременности фото At 40 weeks pregnant, the baby is very tired from the darkness in the abdomen. His movements became sluggish. This indicates an approaching birth. The kid's guts are stuffed with original feces. A child at the 40th week of pregnancy is able to select a little of this mixture, but this happens mostly only after birth. At the crumbs at the moment, protruding breasts. This is due to a high level of estrogen. After birth, the breast will go to naught. For the same reason, a woman has vaginal discharge of brown color. This is normal. Read the rest of this entry »