Allergies in children

аллергия у детей фото Allergies in children - the response of the baby's immune defense to any substance coming from the outside environment, which is perceived by the body as potentially harmful, and, therefore, triggering a protective response, which manifests itself as a cough, runny nose and a rash. According to the majority of reputable scientists Read the full entry »

Treatment of allergies

лечение аллергии фото The best method of treating allergies is to find out the allergen-provoking allergic reaction and further avoid contact with it. In some cases, this problem is solved quite easily, and in some there is not. Read the rest of this entry »

Analysis for allergy

аллергопробы фото Due to the constant growth in the population of the Earth, the number of allergic reactions, allergy tests are quite in demand. A reliable and traditional method of diagnosing allergies are allergoprobes, Read the full post »

Allergy to latex

аллергия на латекс фото Allergy to latex is an allergic reaction to natural rubber latex produced from natural rubber juice. To be more precise, the allergy develops into some proteins that are part of natural latex. In people suffering from allergy to latex people, the body mistakenly takes this component for an aggressive alien substance and begins to fight it through development Read the full post »

Types of allergies

виды аллергии фото According to statistics, today about half of the world's population suffers from any kind of allergy. For the opportunity to protect yourself from the unpleasant manifestations of allergic reactions, Read the full post »

Allergy Symptoms

симптомы аллергии фото Symptoms of allergies are purely individual and extremely diverse. All manifestations observed during an allergic reaction directly depend on which systems and organs of the human body were exposed to the penetrated allergen. Read the rest of this entry »

Seasonal allergy

сезонная аллергия фото Seasonal allergy is an allergic reaction, which is a protective response of the immune system to various foreign inclusions in the inspired air. In most cases, an allergic reaction is observed on allergens, contact with which occurs in the fresh air, Read the full entry »

Chronic urticaria

хроническая крапивница фото Chronic urticaria is a rash, which is characterized by the manifestation of an allergic reaction in the form of blisters for more than six months. The cause of the disease can be established only in every fourth case. People of all ages and ethnic groups are affected, young people are more often ill. The diagnosis of complications does not cause, it is much more difficult to determine in the treatment, as well as in prevention. The very course of the disease is very unpredictable, dragged on for months and years. Read the rest of this entry »