5 week of pregnancy

5 неделя беременности фото At the fifth week of pregnancy, the baby is more like a cylindrical body with a length of no more than 2.5 mm. Logic can be traced in the division of cells and you can clearly see the location of the legs, head, back, abdomen. You can see the spinal cord and the neural tube (all this is the future spine of the baby and the spinal cord).

The neural tube extends to the top - this is the prototype of the brain. And its formation directly depends on taking folic acid. In the very center of the embryo from the tangle of tissue occurs the formation of the upper respiratory tract and heart, which will start beating this week. Then gradually formed blood vessels, there are the first prerequisites of the pancreas gland, as well as the liver. The embryo resembles the shape of the letter "C". Along the nerve tube itself, tissue segments are formed - somites, from which later muscle tissue will appear, as well as other tissue structures. The embryo in the woman's body is protected by two membranes. It is a yolk sac that looks like a big bubble. In this bag, blood cells are produced, and the bag and its membranes have a size of 1 cm. At the 5th week of pregnancy it is already possible to distinguish the head from the tail of the child. To the sensations that the woman had before, new ones are added. It can be frequent headaches and urination, decreased appetite and nausea, as well as vomiting and drowsiness. The probability of a woman's desire for pickles, marinades and new gastronomic delights is great. There is a hormonal restructuring in the body of a woman. But there are happy women who do not know what a toxicosis is. But, and if this is not your case, then hang on! Relief will come after 12 weeks. If the toxicosis still gives you concern - contact a gynecologist, and do not self-medicate. In the first trimester of pregnancy before the 13th week, the risk of a woman having a miscarriage

Causes of miscarriage

This is due to the fact that the fetus is rapidly developing, and the woman is leading the same habitual way of life and does not listen to her feelings, but also overworked, works a lot, lifts weights, leads a sportive lifestyle and an active sex life, makes sharp movements; inadvertently falls, especially during the ice; nervous for any reason, is in stress, refuses to eat and sharply grows thin. All this adversely affects the child and the body in a critical situation gets rid of it

Prevention of miscarriage

How to keep a pregnancy at 5 weeks, without changing anything radically in your life, many women wonder. But, unfortunately, it is impossible. The female organism is a strict individuality and all feels differently throughout pregnancy. And many have to sacrifice their own way of life, work and its schedule, change working conditions and habitual diet, some women leave their work temporarily and, if necessary, go to the hospital for preservation. All this is strictly individual. Particular attention to your pregnancy should be taken into account in the presence of past miscarriages. The most dangerous period is to wait (lie over) whenever possible at home or in the hospital. The fact is that the body keeps in mind the moment of spontaneous abortion and the probability of its repeat is great in this period. To prevent this from happening, women are prescribed the drug "Papaverin hydrochloride" candles, "Viburkol" candles, but-shpu in tablets and injections, valerian in tablets. It is necessary to resort to medicines immediately when pains occur in the lower abdomen, without waiting for the passively normalization of the condition. , то необходимо срочно вызывать скорую и ложиться в больницу на сохранение. If this also did not help, and the pain intensified and the mucus discharge began, then it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance and go to the hospital for preservation.

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