лейкопения фото Leukopenia is a decreased level of leukocytes in the total cellular composition of the blood to a border of less than 1.5 × 109 / L. In the event that there is an absolute absence of leukocytes in the blood, a condition called "agranulocytosis" develops. Frequency of occurrence of leukopenia Read the full post »


талассемия фото Thalassemia is a special, genetically dependent disease that affects one of the main structural units of blood - red blood cells. It is important to emphasize that thalassemia does not deform erythrocytes, but develops in the presence of deformed red blood cells. Самой опасной и самой Read the rest of this entry »


полицитемия фото Polycythemia is a disease characterized by an increase in erythrocyte volume in the bloodstream. This disease can be both primarily conditioned, and secondarily arising as a result of exposure to certain underlying causes. And the primary and Read the entire entry »


тромбоцитоз фото Thrombocytosis is an increase in the number of platelets in the blood. With thrombocytosis, the platelet count can reach about 500,000 per cubic meter. mm. The causes of the development of this disease can be: too rapid production of platelets in the bone marrow, Read the full post »


тромбофилия фото Thrombophilia is a change in the balance of the blood coagulation system, manifested by an increased tendency to the process of thrombosis. Thrombophilia is characterized by a prolonged course and sudden manifestations of complications - phlebothrombosis , thromboembolism. Read the rest of this entry »


гиповолемия фото Hypovolemia is the decrease in the volume of blood circulating in the human body (BCC). With hypovolemia, the level of blood volume decreases significantly below the normative indices. In men, normal values ​​are 70 ml / kg of total circulating blood and 40 ml / kg. Read the full entry »


гиперхолестеринемия фото Hypercholesterolemia is a certain pathological syndrome that is not a disease, in the usual sense of this. Rather, it is a prerequisite for the development of certain diseases. As a result of certain violations Read the full entry »


эритроцитоз фото Erythrocytosis is a specific pathological condition of the body, which is characterized by an increase in the blood flow of the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin. On the presence of erythrocytosis in humans, one can speak at a height reading. Read the rest of this entry »