Heart attack

сердечный приступ фото A heart attack is a sudden arisen circulatory failure of the myocardial layer of the heart, the formation of which is caused by thrombotic or spastic lesions of the vessels of the coronary segment followed by necrotizing myocardium in the trophic lesion zone. Read the rest of this entry »


анизоцитоз фото Anisocytosis is a laboratory term for a significant or moderate change in the metric parameters of blood cells, which is a reflection of the development of pathological conditions or is observed as a physiological compensatory mechanism. Read the rest of this entry »

Atherosclerotic Heart Disease

атеросклеротическая болезнь сердца фото Atherosclerotic heart disease is a chronic, slow, pathological change in the coronary arteries that results from the occlusion of their lumen until complete obturation due to the formation of cholesteric layers. The result of the above Read the full entry »

Myelodysplastic syndrome

миелодиспластический синдром фото Myelodysplastic syndrome is a wide spectrum of pathologies that unites a single pathogenetic mechanism of development, consisting of a combination of dysplastic bone marrow changes and cytopenia in the circulatory system. Read the full post »


лимфопения фото Lymphopenia is a transient or permanent decrease in the concentration of lymphocytic blood cells in the total volume of circulating blood, less than 1000 in 1 μl. A prolonged course of lymphopenia can provoke an activation of the opportunistic Read the full entry »


гепатоспленомегалия фото Hepatosplenomegaly is a simultaneous increase in the parameters of the spleen and liver, which have a common way of outflow of the lymphatic fluid, venous blood and innervation. In fact, in their practice, doctors do not use the diagnosis of "hepatosplenomegaly", since Read the entire entry »

Hemolytic disease

гемолитическая болезнь фото Hemolytic disease of the newborns is a nonphysiological development of hemolytic anemia of the isoimmune type, which arises as a result of the incompatibility of the erythrocyte antigens of the fetus and the mother's blood, which contains a high concentration of antibodies to these antigens. Read the full entry »

Cardiac cough

сердечный кашель фото Cardiac cough is a conditional medical term that reflects the development of various degrees of respiratory disorders in cardiac patients. In a separate clinical symptom cough of cardiac origin is allocated to this day due to the fact that its occurrence in a patient suffering from heart disease Read the full entry »