Лейкоплакия Leukoplakia (leukoplasia) - focal chronic dystrophic inflammation of the mucous membranes, accompanied by a different degree of keratinization of the epithelial layer. This disease is mainly observed in men of not old age. Particularly careful attention deserves Read the rest of this entry »


альвеолит Alveolitis is an inflammatory process that has developed in the jaw of the jaw, as a result of infection after traumatic tooth extraction. In this case, often enough damage is observed both the well itself and the crushing of the gums surrounding it. Also the given inflammatory Read the full post »

Diseases of the gums. Gingivitis

The human body is a very complex interconnected mechanism. And on how comfortable the gums are, the well-being of the teeth also depends. Not many people can boast absolutely healthy gums. If you have inflamed gums, you can lose healthy, treated teeth. Gum disease occurs from infection surrounding the tooth tissue Read the full entry »