Hypertonic disease

гипертоническая болезнь фото Hypertensive disease is one of the most common diseases of the SS, developing as a consequence of the primary disturbance of the vasos-regulating centers and the subsequent mechanisms of neurohumoral and renal genesis, which are characterized by increased arterial pressure, functional as well as organic disturbances .


тэла фото PE is an acute cardiovascular pathology caused by a sudden clotting of the pulmonary artery with an embolus in the form of a thrombus. Most often thrombi, obturating the branches of the pulmonary artery, are formed in the right heart or venous vessels of the great circle of blood circulation and are the cause of a sharp disturbance. Read the rest of this entry »

Arterial hypotension

артериальная гипотензия фото Arterial hypotension is a characteristic symptom that reflects the peculiar degrees of lowering blood pressure. In humans up to the age of thirty, the presence of arterial hypotension is determined by the indices of blood pressure in mm Hg. st below 100/60, after thirty - below 105/65, and at the senior age Read the full post »

Obliterating endarteritis

облитерирующий эндартериит фото Obliterating endarteritis is a slowly developing vascular disease with the predominant involvement of the arteries of the lower extremities in this pathological process. During the course of the disease, a slow decrease in the lumen of the artery occurs, leading eventually to complete closure. Read the rest of this entry »


флеботромбоз фото Phlebothrombosis is a vascular disease characterized by the formation of thrombotic layers in the lumen of the venous vessels. The developed thrombus is able to completely clog the lumen of the vessel or partially enclose the vein. Read the rest of this entry »

Cholesterol plaques

холестериновые бляшки фото Cholesterol plaques are a pathological accumulation of fat-like substance (cholesterol), calcium, connective tissue waste and fat on the walls of blood vessels. There is a definite relationship between the increased amount of cholesterol plaques, the consumption of fats, and the risk of developing diseases.

Cholesterol, included in its composition, is formed in the liver of the human Read the full post »


фото тромбофлебита Thrombophlebitis is a vascular pathology that is characterized by an inflammatory process of the venous wall with the formation of a thrombus partially and completely blocking the lumen of the vein. Basically, thrombophlebitis is located in the region of the lower extremities and affects, as a rule, the veins that are under the skin and deep in the muscle tissue. Thrombophlebitis is a consequence of complication Read the rest of this entry »

Thrombophlebitis of lower extremities

тромбофлебит нижних конечностей фото Thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities is a pathological process of an inflammatory nature that develops in the venous walls due to a nearby infectious focus and is accompanied by a thrombus formation in their lumen. Practically in 90% of people thrombophlebitis is characterized by an arrangement on the lower extremities. In addition, Read the full post »