Schizophrenia in children

шизофрения у детей фото Schizophrenia in children and adolescents is a mental illness that affects the brain system, affecting the cognitive (cognitive) as well as the emotional sphere. As one of the most common mental illnesses, schizophrenia affects up to 1% of all people. Read the rest of this entry »


шизофрения фото Schizophrenia is a classic form of mental illness, and the term ignorance dazzles people with its sound. Schizophrenia is considered one of the greatest myths of our time and is considered to be the diabolical of all mental illnesses. Patients with schizophrenia need to understand and accept what they are, because they can not survive without the help of close people in this world. Read the full post »

Symptoms of schizophrenia

симптомы шизофрении фото Risk of getting schizophrenia 1% of people from all of humanity, and the disease itself is one per 1000 people a year. The risk of developing schizophrenia increases with the accomplishment of consanguineous marriages, in cases of burdensome schizophrenia in families with Read the full entry »

History of schizophrenia

история шизофрении фото The history of the study of schizophrenia has a long history and is of incredibly great interest for doctors in all respects. This is the most common disease among patients entering psychiatric hospitals. The very word schizophrenia means from Greek - splits the mind, by which is understood the disorganization, as well as the lack of harmony, illogicality and inconsistency in terms of understanding ordinary people. Schizophrenia causes severe mental changes, Read the full entry »

Schizophrenia in men

шизофрения у мужчин фото Schizophrenia in men, being a mental illness, is widespread throughout the world. Men are prone to this ailment more often than the female half. The word schizophrenia, perhaps, is known to everyone and only a few are familiar with. Read the rest of this entry »

Schizophrenia in women

шизофрения у женщин фото Schizophrenia in women proceeds as a serious mental illness, a symptom of which is a change in personality as a schizophrenic defect with a polymorphic clinic. According to statistics, men are more likely to suffer from this disease than women. Read the rest of this entry »

Forms of schizophrenia

формы шизофрении фото Schizophrenia refers to a mental illness, which is characterized by an increase in mental changes: thinking, perception, feelings, speech, motivation. There are following forms of schizophrenia: Read the full entry »

Schizophrenia signs

признаки шизофрении фото Clinical signs of schizophrenia are very diverse, but they have their own distinctive features. It can be hardly noticeable personality changes that do not affect social adaptation, to profound changes in the person's personality, in which hospitalization is needed. Read the rest of this entry »