слоновость фото Elephancy is a chronic progressive disease that is directly related to the disturbance of the lymph flow through the lymphatic vessels and the hyperplasia of the subcutaneous tissue and / or skin, manifested in the persistent increase in the volume of various parts of the body .


амилоидоз фото Amyloidosis is a disease that exerts its detrimental effect on the body on the cellular sublevel. During certain reactions, the pathological protein is collected in the tissue cells and gradually, the cell behind the cell, destroys the entire organ structure. Read the rest of this entry »


гемосидероз фото Hemosiderosis is an excessive deposition of hemosiderin in the body. Hemosiderin is a specific pigment and its deposits are observed due to the accelerated decay of blood cells - erythrocytes, as well as the process of hemosiderin metabolism at high absorption in thin Read the full post »


гемохроматоз фото Hemochromatosis is a disease that is most often associated with heredity-transmitted disorders. Due to certain defects in the genetic code, there are malfunctions of the organism in the processes of absorption and processing of iron: it is absorbed into the elevated state. Read the rest of this entry »


ацидоз фото Acidosis is a specific condition of the body, which is characterized by a violation of acid-base balance. With acidosis, an absolute or relative excess of acids is produced, which give off protons, relative to the attached bases. Development of this disorder in the body contributes Read the full entry »


алкалоз фото Alkalosis is a kind of imbalance in the balance of acids and alkalis, for which a total or partial excess of hydrogen-attaching substances is characteristic in comparison with the acids that remove them. Depending on the pH of the blood, the disease can be Read the full entry »