3 week of pregnancy

3 неделя беременности фото At the end of the second, and at the beginning of the third week, a child is conceived. Obstetricians calculate the duration of pregnancy from the very beginning of the last menstruation, and the conception itself begins in the middle of the menstrual cycle. And the third midwifery week is actually the first week for your child and is still a secret for the future mom. Since the moment when the male cell merges with the female one, it takes about three to six hours. Moving forward and not stopping for a second, the multimillion army of spermatozoons hurries to their goal. Read the rest of this entry »

4 week of pregnancy

4 неделя беременности фото At 4 weeks of pregnancy in the body of the future mother, the fetal egg is transformed into an embryo, which is already attached to the uterine wall and completely "buried" into it. The fourth week of pregnancy is very important for the fetus. Right now, embryonic organs (yolk sac, chorion, amnion) develop outside, which provide breathing, nutrition, comprehensive protection and biochemical support for the baby. Chorion participates in the generation of the placenta, and the amnion is the formation of a fetal bladder. In the period of implantation, the outer cells begin to divide and integrate into the uterine membrane, where Read the full entry »

5 week of pregnancy

5 неделя беременности фото At the fifth week of pregnancy, the baby is more like a cylindrical body with a length of no more than 2.5 mm. Logic can be traced in the division of cells and you can clearly see the location of the legs, head, back, abdomen. You can see the spinal cord and the neural tube (all this is the future spine of the baby and the spinal cord).

The neural tube extends to the top - this is the prototype of the brain. And its formation directly depends on taking folic acid. In the very center of the embryo from the tangle of tissue occurs the formation of the upper respiratory tract and heart, which will start beating this week. Then gradually formed blood vessels, there are first prerequisites of the pancreas Read the rest of this entry »

6th week of pregnancy

6 неделя беременности фото The pregnancy test gave a positive result and signs of an early toxicosis make themselves felt, and the baby develops at an incredible rate at week 6. Congratulations! You will have a baby! This is both joy and responsibility. During this period, the neural tube of the embryo was already tightened with tissue. The end of the neural tube forms the brain. Against the background of the future face, future eyes form in the form of visual bubbles. The heart begins to beat, although it represents only a microscopic tube. On the ultrasound scanner, it is realistic to catch the first cuts of the heart. At the 6th week of pregnancy, the first rudiments of the arms and legs of the child appear, the formation takes place. Read the rest of this entry »

7 week of pregnancy

7 неделя беременности фото For a woman, this period is characterized by the fact that the child at this time formed two hemispheres of the brain, is gaining momentum in development and the nervous system. The size of the head of the embryo is half the size of the baby. Continues to form 5 divisions of the brain, but for now it's five bubbles. Develop lungs, kidneys and bronchi. The placenta becomes denser. By the end of the 7th week of pregnancy, there will be utero-placental blood circulation of the fetus and such vital processes as nutrition and respiration will occur through the vessels of the umbilical cord and the placenta. The fetus still has a tail that will eventually disappear. At the 7th week of pregnancy small palms are formed, Read the rest of this entry »

8 week of pregnancy

8 неделя беременности фото At the eighth week of pregnancy, you can safely say that in the woman's belly does not live an embryo, similar to a baby mammal, and a small baby. The child at this time begins to make spontaneous movements. After all, most organs in the child have already been formed, but bones and joints continue to develop, the hands and fingers are clearly visible on the ultrasound. And the lower extremities begin to develop later. On the face there are auricles, a nose, and also an upper lip. The eighth week is the onset of the optic nerve. The outlines of the eyes become more distinct, and the lichiko accepts Read the rest of this entry »

9th week of pregnancy

9 неделя беременности фото The small embryo on the 9th week of pregnancy straightens the back, and the tail slowly disappears. His head is still large and tilted to his chest. The placenta begins to function at full speed. It performs the function of controlling the metabolism in the maternal body, and the children's body thanks to the placenta is also protected from the outside world. At this time, if the future mother takes medicine or drinks a glass of wine, the placenta immediately reacts and acts as a protective shield for the baby. The toxic substances will not affect the child and it is only thanks to the placenta, which still nourishes and improves the blood supply of the baby. The threat of interruption of pregnancy on the ninth Read the full post »

10 week of pregnancy

10 неделя беременности фото 10th week of pregnancy is the final stage of embryo development. Already all the parameters of the body for the growing organism have been laid, and in the following months the creation of a new little man will be completed. The critical stage is over! The child acquires similar features of an ordinary child. Fingers already separated, there is a taste bud of the tongue and the first dental rudiments. The tail has completely disappeared, and the baby's brain develops with cosmic speed. The heart of the child is already formed, but with the external genitalia the children's organism has not yet been determined. But if it's still a boy, then the testicles are working out the male hormone testosterone. Read the rest of this entry »