Test for allergy

тест на аллергию фото The action of the immune system of each person is aimed at protecting the body from pathogenic viruses and bacteria. In addition, cells of the immune system are able to recognize and destroy cancer cells. However, in some cases this very complex defense system Read the full entry »

Temperature for allergies

температура при аллергии фото The increased temperature for allergies, doctors cause a mixed response, as this is a rare occurrence for this disease and usually does not occur. Most often, when the allergy rises, the temperature rises in the Read the full entry »

Drops from an allergy

капли от аллергии фото Seasonal flowering of certain plants, pets, certain foods and household dust, can often provoke the development of allergic rhinitis. The basis for treating allergies is the isolation of the patient from the source of the allergen. Read the rest of this entry »

Causes of allergies

причины аллергии фото Most researchers of this problem tend to believe that the underlying causes of allergies are certain failures in the adequate functioning of the gastrointestinal system, immune disorders and various infections. Read the rest of this entry »

Allergy to eggs

аллергия на яйца фото Allergy to eggs can develop at any age and is considered a widespread phenomenon. The allergens contained in the eggs cause allergic reactions of varying degrees of intensity. Known four protein allergens, Read the full entry »

Allergy to laundry detergent

аллергия на порошок фото Allergy to washing powder in the modern world, unfortunately, is by no means a rarity. Nowadays the market of household chemicals is represented by a wide variety of goods, the action of which is aimed at achieving practically sterile cleanliness. Read the rest of this entry »

Allergy to cow protein

аллергия на коровий белок фото An allergy to cow protein is a big enough problem for many parents, since very many young children and newborns suffer intolerance to cow's milk protein. The most common allergy to cow protein is observed in children under the age of one year.

In case of intolerance of cow's milk protein, skin allergic manifestations, Read the full entry »

Symptoms of an allergy

признаки аллергии фото A person who has suffered from an allergic illness for a long time, the first signs of an allergy recognizes without much difficulty, but those who have been overtaken recently and, as usual, always unexpectedly, should learn to distinguish allergic symptoms Read the rest of this entry »