42 weeks of pregnancy

42 неделя беременности фото The baby at the 42nd week of pregnancy is still growing, which can lead to difficulties in childbirth, since it is very difficult for a large child to move along the birth canal. During a pregnant pregnancy, the placenta is aging, and it develops hypoxia and worsens the baby's nutrition. Due to the lack of oxygen, the kid experiences a reflex excretion of calamonia. And for the baby's health, it is dangerous to swallow meconium, which gets into the body together with amniotic fluid. In this case, the crumb after birth may worsen the condition and there will be a syndrome of aspiration of meconium. In this situation, the child will undergo artificial ventilation and antibacterial therapy. At 42 weeks of pregnancy, the amount of amniotic fluid in the female uterus decreases sharply, and this in turn hinders the development of the baby.

At this time, the process of ossification of the skeleton of the fetus and skull continues. The bones of the child's skull at 42 weeks become dense and lose the ability to configure at the time of delivery. This can lead to severe, prolonged childbirth and the baby will receive birth trauma.

A child born at week 42 may have a dry, scaly, wrinkled skin with a yellow tinge and without a layer of generic grease. The baby will have very long nails and hair, eyes open. In moderation will be active.

Only 10% of all pregnant women are rehired until the 42nd week. Do not worry, if it happened, that you were in their number. It happens that in 70% of cases the doctors incorrectly determined the term of childbirth. It is possible that this is just your case and everything is going according to the natural schedule. But do not forget about the importance of the necessary medical supervision, so as not to miss a genuine pregnant pregnancy. In this regard, the study of the pulse and ultrasound of the fetus with dopplerography, which allows to study the course of uteroplacental and also placental-placental blood flow, is relevant. Amnioscopy is also used - this is a visual method for studying amniotic fluid. With the help of this method, it is possible to observe meconium in the amniotic fluid, as well as to notice the lack of amniotic fluid volume and the lack of a damp grease on the baby. Amnioscopy allows you to actually observe the detachment of the membranes of the membranes from the uterine wall. After the study, doctors decide whether to continue the pregnancy or for interruption by the stimulation method. For the child it will be much worse if the doctors delay and do not make an operatively correct decision.

The delayed pregnancy threatens complications for the woman and the child. A woman in labor can have a bleeding, a weak labor activity. At 42 weeks of pregnancy, the rate of delivery through the cesarean section is high. This should not be frightened. It is important to understand that this is the right decision in your situation.

At 42 weeks of pregnancy, women are asked: what to do? It is important to know that now you are allowed to use different methods of stimulation, which will start the birth process. This includes sex, stimulation of the nipples, enemas. Do not despair! You will not remain pregnant. Soon you will meet with your baby, it remains only a short wait.

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