41 weeks of pregnancy

41 неделя беременности фото Your child is ready to be born at 41 weeks of pregnancy, but something stops him. Perhaps he is very well in your stomach. Although it seems to you that the birth should begin already: pulls the stomach, there are brown discharge. Yes, and all the organs of the baby, and the system is developed, but he continues to accumulate fat. The lubricant covering the entire body has disappeared, remaining only in places of delicate skin, which badly needs protection from scuffs. This is the groin, as well as the axillary cavities. Remarkably ready for work intestine, in confirmation of this original feces, accumulated in the lower divisions. The hair, nails on the arms and legs grow at full speed. After delivery, they will probably be long. During the aging of the placenta itself, it becomes very accessible to large molecules. And this, in turn, allows antibodies to get from the maternal blood into the blood of the crumbs, giving it protection against disease.

At 41 weeks of gestation, the motor activity of crumbs is slowed down. This is due to the cramped movements in the abdomen. But for your peace of mind, control the child's movements. Count the number of movements. For 30 minutes they should be up to 10 times.

Premature birth is over and you have a long suitcase mood. In the depths of your soul, you are concerned about such a delay in delivery. Yes, and friends do not add confidence to their questions. Do not worry! Perhaps the date of birth was incorrectly determined. It happens, but your baby will be born. Everything has its time. 41 weeks of pregnancy doctors are not considered to be postponed. If childbirth does not come before 42 weeks, then they will be stimulated in the maternity hospital, but for now use this time for yourself! Prepare your body, make yourself a manicure, pedicure, eyebrow correction, allow yourself to eat any delicacy. Believe me, there will be no time for this at the first time after delivery. A woman should always be beautiful.

Let's now understand in terms of: prolonged pregnancy and tolerated.

Prolonged pregnancy is caused by the wrong term of the establishment of labor, as well as by the physiological characteristics associated with the monthly cycle and ovulation. In this there is nothing to worry about.

The delayed pregnancy is caused by inflammatory diseases, the age-related features of the mother (for 30 years) and if the pervious woman.

But you need control over anyone. After all, if you do, the placenta of the fetus grows older at 41 weeks of pregnancy, and this affects the child negatively. The kid stops receiving enough nutrients. Therefore, the gynecologist has the right to offer you an examination for determining the placental blood flow in the fetus. This is an ultrasound and a study of the baby's pulse. According to medical indications, drug stimulation of labor is prescribed. It is clear that you are tired of pregnancy for all these nine months. But assess the situation with optimism. Right now you can do everything you limit yourself in 9 months. A glass of beer with fish or red wine, long walks or sex with her husband. If you do, it will be effective stimulation of the nipples, which will affect the production of oxytocin, and he, in turn, will stimulate uterine contractions. And as a result, you will have contractions, and these are signs of childbirth. We wish you a light birth and a healthy baby!

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