40 week of pregnancy

40 неделя беременности фото At 40 weeks pregnant, the baby is very tired from the darkness in the abdomen. His movements became sluggish. This indicates an approaching birth. The kid's guts are stuffed with original feces. A child at the 40th week of pregnancy is able to select a little of this mixture, but this happens mostly only after birth. At the crumbs at the moment, protruding breasts. This is due to a high level of estrogen. After birth, the breast will go to naught. For the same reason, a woman has vaginal discharge of brown color. This is normal.

At 40 weeks of pregnancy the baby is asking for God's light. While waiting for birth pains, try to be calm and not get irritated over trifles. Take care of your nerves and good mood. During the period of labor, repeat the methods of relaxation and exercise in the right breathing. Your body has been preparing for this moment for a very long time. Now he has come. But it may happen that this date is not at all exact. After all, in fact no more than 4% of women give birth in the expected period. And up to 98% of women give birth within 1 - 2 weeks before, and after the calculated date. Doctors are okay with this. When you feel real bouts, then try to have a husband next to you. Morally it helps. It is easier to bear growing pain.

At the kid on 40 week of pregnancy at eyes the sensitivity on sharpness and contrast is generated, on refraction and accommodation. The kid is able to distinguish colors, determine distance and depth, respond to flashing, and also movement. The very phase of the dreams of the baby to the term of childbirth slowly decreases to 50% of the total sleep. Baby 40 weeks gestation is in the abdomen in a bent position, buttocks up, and head down, the legs themselves go down to the head. And in this situation, the baby is waiting for its time to come into the world. His height is 40 weeks gestation to 50 cm, and the weight is up to 3.4 kg. You already do not have the patience to wait for the baby. Do not be discouraged if the preliminary date of delivery has already passed, and there are still no fights. Only 4% of women experience childbirth on time.

You and your baby went through a difficult period! And you survived! A little more remains and you can be congratulated. Very soon your baby will scream, and squint from the light.

Many mothers ask the question: is it necessary for the baby to make shouts after birth? Yes, it's mandatory. With the first cry of the child, the lungs will be straightened, and only then the baby will start breathing on his own.

At 40 week mom stops growing in size. It is possible that the skin is itchy on the abdomen, as it is taut. But the birth will begin when the baby is ready for it. And while you rest, sleep. The cervix periodically softens and eventually shrinks, because she can prepare for birth. At 40 weeks, probably, the mucus plug, responsible for closing the cervix, will go away. You will understand this by the abundant secretions of white, yellow or brown, and the secretions can contain blood. That is how it should be. When to go to the hospital are interested in future mothers? Definitely, if the water has flowed, do not hesitate to call an ambulance. And at the moment of occurrence of fights too do not pull in due course.

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