фурункулез фото Furunculosis is a disease characterized by the formation of furuncles that develop due to necrotic inflammation in the hair follicle and in the tissues surrounding it. The cause of excitation of purulent-necrotic infection Read the rest of this entry »

Skin peeling

шелушение кожи фото Skin peeling is an excessive rejection of dead cells of the epidermis. The condition of the skin is often a reflection of hygiene and care for it. Using excessively hot water during washing, using lotions on alcohol and soap, the skin is flaky. Read the rest of this entry »

Itching of the skin

зуд кожи фото Itching of the skin can cause such unpleasant sensations and an annoying urge to comb the skin, which can lead a person to madness, especially if he has severe itching of the skin. Read the rest of this entry »


токсикодермия фото Toxicoderma is an acute inflammatory toxic-allergic lesion of the skin that develops under the influence of the allergen penetrating the skin through the blood route. Toxicoderma is distinguished by a significant variety of elements of the rash Read the full post »

Shingles Herpes

герпес опоясывающий фото Herpes zoster is considered a disease of a viral nature, which is characterized by herpetiform unilateral lesions in the form of rashes on the skin. Herpes zoster is characterized by an intense pain syndrome. The causative agent of the disease is considered to be a virus Read the rest of this entry »


эритродермия фото Erythroderma is a generalized name for various lesions of the skin, combined with a pronounced generalized reddening of the skin with characteristic large-plate scaling. Erythrodermia is more common in men (ratio 2: 1 relative to women) after Read the full entry »


гипергидроз фото Hyperhidrosis is a common pathological condition characterized by increased sweating. In this case, the sweat glands exceed normal needs, which are sufficient to maintain the body's natural temperature. В нормаме у здорового человека Read the rest of this entry »


папилломатоз фото Papillomatosis is an epithelial lesion that occurs in the affected area of ​​human papillomavirus. Papillomatosis is characterized as the multiple appearance of warts on the skin and on the mucous membranes of a person. Warts can look like in. Read the rest of this entry »