пневмофиброз фото Pneumofibrosis is a disease characterized by the appearance and subsequent proliferation of connective tissue in the lungs. This condition is not fully independent disease. Rather, it is the outcome. Read the rest of this entry »


плеврит фото Pleurisy is inflammatory changes in the pleural membranes, accompanied by the accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavities. Pleurisy is a complication of various diseases and is not a nosological unit. Depending on the origin, the main two groups of pleurisies are distinguished: Read the full entry »

Cirrhosis of the liver

цирроз печени фото Cirrhosis of the liver is a pathological condition of the liver, which is a consequence of impaired blood circulation in the system of hepatic vessels and dysfunction of the bile ducts, usually arising on the background of chronic hepatitis and characterized by a complete reading.

Pickwick's syndrome

синдром пиквика фото Pickwick's syndrome is a pathological condition characterized by progressive respiratory failure, with no primary pulmonary pathology. At the same time, with Pickwick's syndrome there is a development of the pulmonary heart in the Read the full entry »

Pulmonary edema

отек легких фото Pulmonary edema is a complication of various diseases, which is the excessive sweating of the transudate into the interstitial tissue, and then into the pulmonary alveoli. The term pulmonary edema is used as an association of the complex. Read the full entry »


апноэ фото Apnea is a characteristic pause in breathing during the sleep period, which is characterized by the absence or significant decrease in air flow for less than ten seconds at the level of the oral cavity and nose. Temporary breathing stop is a certain process of reduced read the entry »


полипоз фото Polyposis is a disease of collective significance, which refers to formations from tissues of various origins and are most often observed on mucous membranes. These peculiar neoplasms (polyps) connect with the mucosa with the help of the base and legs, in which there are lymphatic and blood vessels. Полипы Read the rest of this entry »

Atrophic gastritis

атрофический гастрит фото Atrophic gastritis is a type of gastritis, for which its characteristic feature is the thinning of the mucous membrane of the walls of the stomach, in connection with which the production of gastric juice decreases. The number of epithelial cells that participate in the reading is also reduced. Read the full entry »