кардионевроз фото Cardioneurosis is a dysfunction of normal cardiac activity, accompanied by psychosomatic disorders due to the development of an imbalance between the processes occurring in the cerebral cortex and the hypothalamic. Read the full post »


брадиаритмия фото Bradyarrhythmia is a disease in which the heart rhythm is disturbed and cardiac contractions become less than 60 beats per minute. The class of this pathology includes sinus bradycardia, stopping the sinus node, sinoauric blockades, as well as ciliary bradyarrhythmias, tricular Read the full post »


кардиалгия фото Cardialgia - this is a pain in the heart, which can not be called a separate disease, tk. this is the result of various pathological processes. Complaints on cardialgia are quite common. To a man who has been diagnosed with cardialgia, Read the rest of this entry »

Impaired heart rate

нарушение сердечного ритма фото Violation of the heart rhythm is a frequent pathology of cardiac activity, consisting in a deviation from the normal rhythm and systematic nature of the contractile function of the heart muscle. Read the rest of this entry »

Blockade of the bundle branch legs

фото блокады ножек пучка гиса The blockade of the bundle legs is a malfunction in the operation of the cardiac activity, caused by the partial or total absence of impulse transmission along the conducting pathways of the atrioventricular bundle, provoking a delay in the excitation of the ventricular myocardium and accompanied by changes in the electrocardiographic pattern. Read the rest of this entry »


разрыв сердца фото A heart break is a broken integrity of the heart walls. As a rule, a heart rupture occurs during the first week after the first arisen myocardial infarction. An infarction that happened repeatedly does not often end in a heart rupture. This is due to the fact that formed from the previous Read the entire entry »

Coronary insufficiency

коронарная недостаточность фото Coronary insufficiency is a condition in which coronary blood flow decreases or stops completely. As a result, the heart muscle is not adequately supplied with nutrients, oxygen. Insufficiency can be divided into two types: Read the entire entry »

The syndrome of early repolarization

синдром ранней реполяризации фото The syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles is the appearance of changes uncharacteristic for normal electrocardiography in the form of pseudo-coronary elevation of the ST segment above the isoline in the thoracic leads and an additional wave J in the terminal part of the QRS complex. Read the rest of this entry »