B12-deficiency anemia

В12-дефицитная анемия фото B12-deficiency anemia is a combination of clinical and hemolytic signs that arise as a result of a change in the morphology of erythrocytes and a violation of the synthesis of RNA and DNA in the bone marrow cells of hematopoiesis. The organism of each adult person needs to Read the full entry »


нейтропения фото Neutropenia is a reduced level of neutrophilic granulocytes in the total cellular composition of the blood to a level of less than 1500 / μL. The severity of the patient's condition and the risk of serious complications of infectious and bacterial origin directly depends Read the full entry »


лимфоцитоз фото Lymphocytosis is a pathological condition characterized by an increased number of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood. They are a kind of white blood cells, which form the bone marrow, and are an integral part of immunity. Lymphocytes Read the rest of this entry »


лейкоцитоз фото Leukocytosis is a process in which the cellular composition of the blood changes, and the level of leukocytes rises. Their activity in the peripheral blood increases due to the appearance of infectious agents. In many cases, leukocytosis is a Read the full entry »

Hemolytic anemia

гемолитическая анемия фото Hemolytic anemia is a clinico-hematological symptom complex that occurs as a result of the shortening of the duration of the functioning of red blood cells due to their increased disintegration. Given pathology Read the rest of this entry »


агранулоцитоз фото Agranulocytosis is a syndrome characterized by a sharp decrease in granulocytes in the blood (less than 1x109 / l, normally 6.8 × 109 / L), including neutrophils below 0.5-1x109 / l (normal 1.8-6 , 5 × 109 / L). Agranulocytosis is a variant of neutropenia, at which the decrease occurs Read the full entry »

Aplastic anemia

апластическая анемия фото Aplastic anemia is a hereditary or acquired pathology of blood, caused by the damage to the stem cells of the bone marrow, which leads to the deep depression of hemopoiesis. The first information about aplastic anemia was received back in 1888, however, Read the full entry »


тромбоцитопения фото Thrombocytopenia is a pathology associated with a sharp drop in the number of red blood cells or platelets. Platelets have a huge impact on the mechanism of blood clotting, which is why their deficiency can cause a sensation. Read the rest of this entry »