Colon cancer

рак толстой кишки фото Colon cancer is a pathological oncological disease in the form of a tumor formed from the epithelial layer of the mucosa that lines the entire large intestine from the inside and is divided into a straight line, a colon and a cecum with a specific localization of the tumor process. Read the rest of this entry »

Lymphatic leukemia

лимфолейкоз фото Lymphocytic leukemia is one of the forms of leukemia, malignant tumors of the hematopoietic tissue originating in the bone marrow, which then spread to the organs of the immune system and blood. Lymphocytic leukemia is characterized by malignant pathological changes in lymphocytes. Read the rest of this entry »


тератома фото Teratoma (from Greek means tératos - monster, ugly and -oma-tumor) is a tumor formation that develops from gonocytes, which is localized most often in men in testicles, in children in the coccyx-sacral region and in the brain, in women in the ovaries. Teratoma is an organ or tissue, Read the full entry »


ретинобластома фото Retinoblastoma is an intraocular malignant neoplasm that develops from the neuroectodermal retina tissue and is found mainly among young children. With retinoblastoma patients lose central and binocular vision, they develop leukocoria, strabismus, exophthalmos, secondary inflammation and glaucoma. Read the rest of this entry »

Large cell lymphoma

лимфома крупноклеточная фото Large cell lymphoma is a malignant pathology in the lymphatic system, in which there is uncontrolled growth and division of tumor cells without withering away old, as is characteristic of a healthy body. Лимфома крупноклеточная может поражать Read the rest of this entry »


лимфосаркома фото Lymphosarcoma is a pathological neoplasm arising from the reticular connective tissue, from which all the blood-forming organs and lymphoid clusters in the mucous membranes are composed. Therefore in modern sources this disease has received the name reticulosarcoma. Read the rest of this entry »


лимфогранулематоз фото Lymphogranulomatosis is a pathological granulomatous-tumor lesion of the lymphatic system, which is also called Hodgkin's lymphoma. Lymphogranulomatosis was first described in 1832 by the doctor Thomas Hodgkin, who explained several moments of the course of the disease. In the beginning, lymph nodes usually increase and read the entire entry »

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

неходжкинская лимфома фото Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is a neoplasm of malignant etiology, in which the lymphoid cells of the hematopoietic germ are the histogenetic onset of the disease. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma refers to the neoplastic heterogeneous Read the full post »