Hyperesthesia of the teeth

Гиперестезия зубов Hyperesthesia of teeth - increased sensitivity of tooth tissues to the effects of temperature, chemical and mechanical stimuli. , повышенной стираемости эмали, зубного кариеса, болезней пародонта, стоматологических Читать запись полностью » Hyperesthesia of teeth most often develops against the background of erosion of tooth enamel , increased erasability of enamel, dental caries, periodontal diseases, dental readings.

Chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Хронический рецидивирующий афтозный стоматит Chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis (chronic necrotic stomatitis, Mikulicha aphthae, recurrent aphthae, aphthous ulcers) is a chronic recurrent disease of the oral mucosa, manifested by formation on the mucosa. Read the full post »


флюороз Fluorosis is a disease that develops as a result of prolonged excess intake of fluoride compounds into the human body. Fluorosis is divided into two types: professional and endemic. Read more »

Retinished tooth

Ретинированный зуб The retouched tooth is an unshaved tooth, located in the jaw bone or covered with a gum. Most often it occurs when the canines of the upper jaw and wisdom teeth are erupted. This pathology can both not deliver any discomfort, and cause a lot of unpleasant sensations. Read the rest of this entry »

Wedge-shaped defect

Клиновидный дефект The wedge-shaped defect is a non-carious lesion that occurs on hard tissues of the teeth and is localized at the necks of the teeth, as well as on the labial and cheek surfaces, most often canines and premolars. Visually, this defeat manifests itself in the form of a step shaped like a wedge Read the full post »

Erosion of teeth

Эрозия зубов Erosion of the teeth is a progressive process characterized by a decrease in the tissues of the teeth (dentin and enamel). Erosive lesion is observed mainly in middle-aged people and is characterized by a fairly long flow. Read the full entry »


периодонтит Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that occurs in the bone tissues surrounding the root of the tooth, which occurs as a result of mechanical / chemical trauma, and as a complication of pulpitis or complicated caries. In case of refusal from treatment of the given Read the full entry »

Exudative multiform erythema

Экссудативная многоформная эритема Exudative multiform erythema (Stevens-Jones syndrome) is an acute disease of the skin and mucous membranes of the oral cavity, which is characterized by papular, bladder and spotted rashes. In most cases Read the full entry »