варикоцеле фото Varicocele is a disease characterized by an expansion of the venous network of the testicle. Varicocele can be congenital and conditioned by some primary factor. It should be noted that varicocele in men is quite a serious disease and can, in the absence of treatment, lead to complete infertility. Read the rest of this entry »


варикозное расширение вен фото Varicose veins are a common name for diseases in which the first and most striking feature will be the expansion of the venous network and the overflow of its blood. Thinened vessels with varicose veins become brittle and extremely easily damaged. Read the rest of this entry »


хвн фото CVI (chronic venous insufficiency) is not just a definite disease of the veins of the extremities, the CVI includes a whole complex of various lesions of the venous vascular network. To KVN they are all reckoned because of the general principles of defeat: with venous insufficiency Read the rest of this entry »

Pulmonary embolism

тромбоэмболия легочной артерии фото Thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery is the clogging of blood clots of arteries in the lungs or their branches. The thrombotic process first develops in the veins of the small pelvis (mainly in the area of ​​the uterine myometrium and uterine parameters, in the peritoneum) or lower limbs. Read the rest of this entry »

Arterial hypertension

артериальная гипертензия фото Arterial hypertension is a concept of pathophysiological and clinical nature, which combines the conditions accompanying the prolonged increase in pressure in the arteries of the CCB (large circle of blood circulation). Most Read the rest of this entry »


флебит фото Phlebitis is the defeat of important blood lines, such as veins in the form of inflammation and their gradual destruction. As a rule, phlebitis affects the venous vessels of the lower extremities as a result of the action of various risk factors, but it is generally considered to be a reading Read the full story »

Varicose disease

варикозная болезнь фото Varicose disease is a pathological dilatation of veins located on the surface, which is characterized by an increase in their diameter and length, which results in a cylindrical, serpentine, saccular and mixed type of venous trunks. To date, varicose veins are widespread Read the full post »

Chronic venous insufficiency

хроническая венозная недостаточность фото Chronic venous insufficiency is a symptom complex that occurs when blood flow is disturbed in the lumen of venous vessels. This pathology is a collection concept and includes several diseases accompanied by similar clinical manifestations: anomalies in the development of the veins of the venous network, traumatic damage to the veins, postembolic disease and varicose veins of the lower limbs.

The danger of this disease lies in its long period Read the full entry »