мизофобия фото Misophobia is an irresistible obsessive fear of contamination or contamination, expressed in a desire to avoid any contact with surrounding people and objects. For people susceptible to this fear, it is significant. Read the rest of this entry »

Fear of people (Anthropophobia)

боязнь людей - антропофобия фото Fear of people (Anthropophobia) is a social fear, expressed in the fear of people in general and the desire to distance themselves from them as far as possible. Neurosis and obsessive conditions accompany this phobia. Read the rest of this entry »


акрофобия фото Acrophobia is an uncontrollable obsessive fear of heights, fully possessing a person and immersing it without remnant to a given state. When in a certain situation it comes to fear of heights, many people treat this phobia with understanding; fear of heights in some form is found in many. Despite this, acrophobia is attributed to Read the entire entry »


клаустрофобия фото Claustrophobia (Claustrophobia) acts as an obsessive fear of being in confined spaces, as well as in a closed space. It is believed that, like agoraphobia, this is the most common phobia, but with this problem, only a few consult a doctor. It is established that claustrophobia Read the full entry »


андрофобия фото Androphobia (Androphobia) is the panic of women's fear of men, as well as the fear of a close relationship with them. This phobia is based on past negative experiences, which brought a lot of suffering and pain to a woman. Androphobia in women is expressed in the conviction that behind the romance, smiles, and also compliments is hunting instinct, excitement, deception and cunning. Read the rest of this entry »


нарциссизм фото Narcissism acts as a serious personal dysfunction, which leads to personality disorder, expressed in exceptional narcissism. The term itself originates from the Greek myth of a young and beautiful man, whose name was Narcissus, Read the full post »


агорафобия фото Agoraphobia is a disorder of the psyche that causes unconscious fear of a person of large concentrations of people or open spaces. In this case, a person experiences fear, if the Read the full entry »


дисморфофобия фото Dysmorphophobia (Dysmorphophobia) is a painful syndrome, consisting in an acute experience of the individual's physical imperfection. By its nature, dysmorphophobia is often bizarre and is based on somatic sensations that lead to hypochondriacal preoccupations. Read the rest of this entry »