мукополисахаридоз фото Mucopolysaccharidosis is a complex of genetically determined pathologies, having unified pathogenetic mechanisms of development, consisting in incomplete destruction and accumulation of mucopolysaccharides. Clinical picture Read the rest of this entry »


липодистрофия фото Lipodystrophy is a hypoplasia of the subcutaneous fat layer in the projection of the upper half of the trunk with simultaneous excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in the projection of the lower extremities, the lower half of the abdomen and buttocks, caused by severe metabolic disturbances. Read the rest of this entry »


гиперлипидемия фото Hyperlipidemia is an abnormal increase in the lipoprotein content of various fractions in the circulating blood. The fact of the presence of hyperlipidemia in humans is a risk factor for the occurrence of chronic progressive diseases of the heart and blood vessels, aggravating Read the full post »


гипокалиемия фото Hypokalemia is a symptom that is manifested by low potassium content in tissues. The acceptable amount of potassium in the plasma is at least 3.5 mmol / l. The drop in concentration below this indicator indicates the occurrence of an electrolyte Read the full entry »


гликогенозы фото Glycogenoses are hereditary pathologies associated with the inadequate content of a particular enzyme that takes mediated participation in the synthesis and destruction of glycogen. Due to the occurrence of Read the entire entry »

Iron-deficiency anemia

железодефицитная анемия фото Iron deficiency anemia is a common clinico-hematologic symptom complex due to inadequate percentage of iron in the body and manifested by a decrease in the level of both erythrocytes and hemoglobin in the peripheral blood. In the general structure of all anemia, Read the full entry »


лимфостаз фото Lymphostasis is a progressive disorder of the normal course of lymph along the vessels of the lymphatic channel, localized in different parts of the body, and manifested by the appearance of persistent edema of soft tissues with trophic disorders of the skin. As a rule, initial manifestations Read the full entry »


лимфедема фото Lymphedema is a surgical pathology characterized by the fact that as a result of certain disorders, the normal lymph flow through its vessels is disturbed, and instead of rushing to the next in its path the sites accumulate in certain areas. Read the full entry »